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Охота на щуку 1: Колеблющаяся блесна – миссии Fishing Planet

Охота на щуку 1: Колеблющаяся блесна – миссии Fishing Planet

Hello everyone dear friends!
I am glad to welcome you on the channel Live Fishing In the last video, we completed a mission
skill level black crappie: silicone squid. In this video we will fulfill the mission: Pike Hunting 1: Swinging Lures. For this we get 1880 XP, 3 bitcoins,
2800 silver and a trophy frog popper. To do this, we need to – equip the oscillating lure with a hook 1/0, 2/0 or 3/0. On the Madwater River, catch a grass pike
weighing more than 0.55 kg Catch a striped pike on Lake Emerald
more than 0.75 kilograms There, on Emerald, catch grassy, ​​red-feathered or striped more than 1.25 kg. And the last thing is to catch a red-feathered pike weighing 0.65 kg on Neyerrin. I already caught her, but I tell you
still show how to do it. We go into the inventory. For small pikes I will use ultralight spinning To which we are in the last mission
caught black crappie. Only now I’ll put it here
1/0 oscillating lure with hook but for larger pikes, I will use
Aurora spinning, with a working load of up to 4.5 kg. Prima 3500 Flucarbon Coil
and here I will put – either 14 gram spinners with a 2/0 hook,
or a spinner weighing 21 grams with a 3/0 hook Going on a mission
click the button to track the mission. Go to the world map,
We see that the river Madwater is highlighted here. Do not forget to buy an extended license
for comfortable fishing. Well, that’s it – we went to the pond. Today cloudy weather, clouds in the sky Herbal Trophy Pike
start to peck after 16 hours. We go to the location of the pike scythe and
rewind time for 16 hours We go left to snags. We get our ultralight spinning on which we put an oscillating
lure 7 grams, with a hook 1/0 And we throw in these snags. Pikes here pecked too small and I decided to go to another place,
at the location catfish paradise to the left of the boats, in the grass, where trophy grass pikes also lived. Here, we caught her. Then, as usual, you have
several options for action. Firstly: you can complete part of another trophy bass to jig mission. To do this on the Madwater River, you need to catch
large bass, more than 900 grams. To do this, you need to take with you:
casting rod, 0.12 cord and bass jig. Secondly: you can execute
part of the mission “Hunting for croaker” catching freshwater slaughter on the river Madwater,
weighing more than 2.5 kg. on the animal nozzle. And thirdly: you can continue
complete the Pike Hunt mission going to Lake Emerald
and to the river Neyerrin Arrived on the global map,
Emerald Lake is highlighted here but before you go to Lake Emerald, i want to show you
how to catch pike on the river Neyerrin and then return here to Lake Emerald. Let’s choose the Neyerrin River. Buy an Extended License and we’ll go first to the river Neyerrin. We arrived at the reservoir, today is cloudy weather. I caught a red-faced pike near the grass,
at the location “Successful parking” We pass there. We come here to the typewriter. We will catch the pike on the left, along this grass. Clouds weather, we already know that pikes peck well, at such a time, starting at 16 o’clock. We wind the time right up to 16 hours. And here is our red-feather pike,
weighing more than 0.65 kilograms Next you again
There are several options. Firstly – on a casting rod, with a 0.12 cord and a bass jig, to catch a bass above 900 grams. Secondly – on a match rod with live bait catch on the river Neyerrin, a long-nosed carapace, more than five kilograms. Thirdly, do nothing, go to finish the Pike Hunt mission on Lake Emerald. Here we are again on the global map,
choose Lake Emerald buy an extended license again
already to Lake Emerald. And go to the pond. Arrived at the pond. First, we need to catch a pike.
more than 0.75 kilograms and catch some more pike taller than 1,250g Pikes peck well with us,
right here in this grass. To catch them, take Aurora spinning put the swinging lure of 14 grams and we will catch in this grass. Again clouds in the sky, cloudy weather I suggest rewinding again
on the evening peak of biting. Striped pike weighing more than 750 grams,
catch right away, from the first cast. With the last pike had to torment. Caught on a teeter 21 grams,
crocheted 3/0, after six in the morning. I didn’t have to wind me yesterday
immediately to the evening peak of biting. And here she is – our last pike
weighing more than 1250 grams. I got a new level. Fulfilled the mission. Received a reward – a trophy frog popper. What I wish you with all my heart. The mission “Pike Hunting 2” became available But in the next video, we will go catching trophy basses for bass jig. If the video was useful – like, subscribe to the channel. On this I say goodbye to you! Good luck to all! Until!

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  1. Руководство по игре Fishing Planet тут

  2. Никак не могу поймать травяную щуку. Ловил 5 дней игрового времени. Ловил на 7, 14 грамм, на золотую, серебряную, красную голографическую. Ловил на ступеньку. Но ничего, кроме мелких щук и 2 щук весом 510 и 530 грамм ничего не поймал.(
    Такое ощущение, что вес специально занижается

  3. Сделай гайд по прикормке на фидер пожалуйста.Гайды очень позновательны недавно был 1 уровнем а уже 44.Тол ко не разбираюсь в прикормке.Помоги пожалуйста.Заранее спасибо !

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