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рыбалка на форель в лесном ручьеtrout fishing in forest Creek

рыбалка на форель в лесном ручье\trout fishing in forest Creek

yes I’ll fill the thermos and go out good Bye Bye well it’s time to go fishing Oh. Hey, guys. well today again I am going to go for trout so say a small expedition let’s try to go to a small lake for streams,well, let’s see what happens today I want to go fishing on the spinner, on the worm lures,will try anything what happens,see more I noticed that she often does not bite on the spoon and accompanies her here finely will you be here or will you move on? wow!!! missed,can you imagine? yes good what could be better than fishing here is a bite here there was a bite there is, there is guys, there is wish who is not here’s where the good fish fell yes unfortunately I do not have time camera include thought relieves there she is tree bugs crawling all over it there she is caught fly fishing needs gone the bite finally bite go on the net go on the net all already not need to Are you lying to me did you catch? Where exactly did you catch him? show me where you got it that’s how we went fishing fishing happy caught two fish no wonder I went such a case see you at the ponds

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