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Черный краппи: Силиконка-кальмар – миссии Fishing Planet

Черный краппи: Силиконка-кальмар – миссии Fishing Planet

Hello everyone dear friends!
I am glad to welcome you on the channel Live Fishing In the last video, we performed missions
Emerald Catch and Emerald Night Call In this video, we will begin to perform with you
missions from the category – Skill And start with the mission –
Black Crappie: Silicon Squid. To complete this mission we will need: equip the jig head with hook number 1, with silicone squid. Catch on each of the three ponds black crappie – weighing more than 0.45 kg. For this we get:
1350 experience, 3 bitcoins and 2800 silver And most importantly, we get
trophy swaying lure. Click on the button to track the mission. Let’s do the first point – I need to equip a jig head,
with hook number 1, with silicone squid. Go to the inventory. I will choose ultralight spinning for this. I have a 7 g jig head with hook number 1. You can put 5 g or 9 g
if only there was a hook number 1 We put this jig-head and put the squid. If, after catching a crappie, you decide to stay,
then do not forget, here is such a narrow lure in order to repel us
the cost of the trip and catch zander. Planted squid a clue comes out about
that we need to go to the global map. We pass. We see that Lake Emerald is highlighted. In order for us to catch zander later, we will need an extended license as usual. We also buy it. And we go to Lake Emerald. We arrived at the lake. The weather is raining.
Evening peak of cool. I tried to catch black crappie in clear weather tried to catch it when there are clouds in the sky –
I could not get. It turned out to catch, only on a cloudy day,
in the evening peak of cool. We leave on a reservoir. We pass here to the shore. And we get our ultralight squid spinning. We aim at the bridge. We will do the wiring – past these water lilies. I used stepped wiring,
at a slow speed. Easy and fast, captured black crappie
catch failed. I had to suffer a little. And here he is. Our captured black crappie. Then decide for yourself what you will do. Firstly – you can stay
and farm, catch zander. Secondly – on Lake Emerald, you can perform
part of another mission is pike hunting. To do this, you need to – on this lake to catch
striped pike weighing 750 grams and catch some other pike – weighing 1250g. And thirdly, you can continue to perform
mission – black crappie, silicone squid having gone to Rocky Lake, or to the Neuerrin River. I decided to continue on a mission. So I’m leaving Lake Emerald and going to the next body of water – Rocky Lake. Two species of trout live on Rocky Lake.
red-necked and rainbow trout. To recapture the cost of the trip –
we will have to catch them. For this, do not forget to bring along –
either medium spinners or narrow spinners. Also do not forget to buy an extended license. And now we are ready for the trip. We don’t need kayaks and boats here,
you can leave them at home. Arrived at the pond. Today cloudy weather, clouds in the sky. Go to the location
“In the fern thickets” We take our ultralight squid spinning. You can catch crappie in two places. The first place is on the left. You see here is one grass? Can be fished along this grass. Second place is on the right.
Along these reeds, near this snag. You can catch it here. Rewind time until the evening. And here is our trophy black crappie –
Caught on Rocky Lake. Now you again have a few options. The first is to stay on Rocky Lake catch trout to recapture the cost of the trip. The second option is to stay on Rocky Lake in order to fulfill, another part of one mission
– trophy trout 1 per spinner. To do this, you need to catch –
golden trout weighing more than 700 grams. And the third option is to continue to perform
mission – Black crappie: silicone squid having gone to the river Neyerrin. Choose the river Neyerrin. Here in order to recapture the cost of the trip
you can catch big bass bass you can catch shellfish
You can catch olive catfish. We have on the channel, there is a corresponding video
for each of these fish. Look, catch, while we go for the crappie. Remember to buy an extended license. In one of the past videos on the Neyerrin River we caught a unique black crappie on a clear day. so I waited for the same weather. Went fishing and make a cast – to the same place. And here he is. Our last trophy
black crappie on the river Neyerrin. Mission Complete. As a reward we received 1350 hp, 2800 silver, 3 bitcoins and trophy oscillating spinner. Now you again have 3 options. The first is to stay on the Neyerrin River, in order to perform
parts of other missions on this river. For example, catch a red-feathered pike. For the mission “Trophy Bass 1”
catch the bass above 900 grams For the mission “Carapace Hunt”
catch a long-nosed carapace more than 5kg. From the research section, you can perform
mission “Unique fish Neyerrin” And you can do none of this Just like, subscribe to the channel and wait for our next video, in which
we will complete all these missions – in an orderly fashion. That’s all! I say goodbye to you! Until!

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  2. Привет,ты делаешь очень хорошие видео про Fishing Planet!!! Я новичок в этой игре (11 уровень) можешь снять видео про метки на Лоун Стар?)))

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