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10 comments on “טונה – סרט ערבי // Arab react to Tuna – Seret Aravi

  1. This is'nt a movie, in Israel for a lot time in friday afternoon on TV was an arab movie (seret arvi) this song is tribute for those movies

  2. My grandparents from my mom side camed actually from Aleppo, Syria, from my dad side where form Gallile area spread jewish villages, so I can actually speak Arabic very well 👍🏼

  3. just to explain the idea behind this song
    in the late '80s and early to mid '90s every friday there was an arabic movie in Israel, then only, channel, so and in Israel this broadcast hour was called 'arabic movie', so this is why the name and video clip are like this, the song itself is Hebrew and Arabic word that became part of the Israeli slang

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