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أكلت سمكة الأرنب الفوغـو السامة و القاتلة 🐡 – Fugu Fish

أكلت سمكة الأرنب الفوغـو السامة و القاتلة 🐡 – Fugu Fish

Fugu fish The Rabbitfish try another time we need to cut this part The Fugu, The poisonous Pufferfish The poisonous fish The most dangerous one safe? The Fugu natural habitat is the ocean, where it has no harmful threat The Rabbitfish
but it’s real enemies are … are Japanese
in Japan no one is scared … the real threat for The Fugu Fish … they’re never scared of it you’ve probably heard of Fugu’s tiger puffer fish …fugu let’s move out its venom you’ll not be able to breath the most destructive fish ever each one of them has a chemical liquide that’s considered as a poison capable of murdering 30 person this poison is 30x more than any other poison Today guys we’re going to try Fugu The rabbitfish …which is the most destructive …in the world more than 100 Japanese died each year of fugu poisoning … and each year, about 20 people are poisoned from badly prepared fi… its poison is one of the strongest in the world it’s 1000x more poisoning than cyanide this fish is prohibited in most of the places around the globe you need a license to sell pufferfish in Japan you also need a license to prepare fugu Give us a like and subscribe to the channel this is ” Only in Japan “, Jonney it was a rainy day in Tokyo our meeting with the Chef is at 04:00pm Okay guys …it’s the moment right now, we’re going to try the deadly fish and it’s The Rabbitfish Only a few qualified cooks, with licenses and authorized from the government can prepare this fish not everyone can do it, because it’s full of poison This fish goes to the deep of the ocean and eats poisoning plants that’s what it contains venom this poison can be found in its liver, stomach … and so so many parts … has poison in it but its meat is poison free … the fish meat so what they really do … the cook take it that has a license autorized from the government and there are few of them here in Japan so he takes it, chops it, ejects the poison from it and then give it to consumers that’s why people have faith in them not like a long time ago because of no one knows if it contains a small quantity of poison or not because of the very smallest amount … a mistake The smallest mistake of the cook can be fatal … Sorry, sorry Now, we’re in front of the restaurant our challenge starts now we went in the beginning to the … fish market … the newest one and we saw how they bring fresh fish in there heading now to the fish market in Tokyo I’m tired We arrived to the fugu restaurant guys … I don’t know if we can film here but it’s here where they bring it this fish market, here in Tokyo, has changed there was another different one this new one is partly sensitive when it comes to filming but it’s considered the most modern one in the world means its building is so modern, so developed can you imagine how developed it is … I’ve never seen a very modern one like this Why we’re here? … just to see where fugu fish comes from from the ocean to here and then to the restaurant … where cooks request it, he chops it there or sometimes right here and then it can be sold right here in the market to restaurant owners right now, we’re entering the restaurant … but first, we took a permission from the cook because if he makes a small mistake … his license will be taken right away helped us … you can find their information down in the discription Byfood give us the permission and helped us to be able to film here and here with us Jonney from ” Only in Japan ” so let’s go inside Okay … hopfully there’s no danger but it can be a small mistake ratio can kill Why till now Japanese consume it with all of that warnings … it’s dangerous is it because of ” it’s dangerous and contains poison ” then it’s tempting people like the challenging things …why? Why do people jeopardize? when there is so many other kinds of fish that’s what we’re going to discover today this is the fish guys it’s waiting … and it’s going to be cooked in front of us by the Chef and remove its poison so, is he gonna take out the poison in front of us? Yeah, that’s how it works so this is for us? Yes it’s waiting? Yes to kill me? Ye e e es you may die let’s meet the Chef let’s go this the place where we’re going to eat poison My name is Kazuki I’m the Chef and I have fugu license the poisonous fish He’s bringing the fish it’s the last one guys very strong is it ready? it a poison inside of it? I have a license I got a special license 15 years ago Okay, are we going to your kitchen? – Yes, let’s go let’s go OMG its time has arrived Can you see all of those cooks, he’s the only capable of removing the poison running the Pufferfish restaurant is very limited very rare we need a license one license for one restaurant Do you feel proud that you have a liense? Oh, yes. I’m very proud we need to cut … this part Okay … and … because .. can I … Yeah we need to wait for several minutes – So now it’s dying
– Yes – Is it the easiest way to do it?
– this is the very simplest way So how many Fugu fish have you killed? thousands thousands thousands, Yes, a lot – Does anyone get hurt from it?
– No because you’re the best right? actually there is no accident in this restaurant – in this restaurant, there was no accident?
– No so this one makes me feel safe but I know that there are some people die by a poisonous fish so why people eating it even it’s poisonious? because of Japanese people love eating Puffferfish because its taste is very good The tiger Pufferfish taste is different from any other fish tastes so this is the best one? the best one What if a Chef did it without a license? will he be taken to a jail? or something? Yes, the Tokyo government will stop him from running his restaurant? – it’s time to cook
– Yes – So, are you going to take the poison now
– Yes so, the poison is in the liver? we delete all parts especially the liver, because it’s the most dangerous part – the liver
– Yes let’s start cooking …now, we cut the … we separate it the body from the skin You’re scared? Eh let’s go to the next … generally, fish can see just in the water but Puffferfish can see in air Okay … we can eat we cannot eat so here he’s going to put the uneatable parts and here what we can eat he’s going to put all the poison right here this one is poisoned Yes … we cannot eat that this is the heart Yes, it’s heart is poisoned Do you know that this fish is banned in my country? yes, yes … all countries … banned – all countries?
– Yes – you have to be focus
– Stay concentrate
– Yes Sorry … because of the slightest mistake leads to huge consequences … we have to let him concentrate this big thing is …the liver – that’s the poison
– Yes If someone ate the poisoned part in 30 minutes, he’ll not be able to move because of fugu fish poison effects directly the muscle he’ll not be able to move and death is quick? – Yes
– and painful
– Yes – in 15 minutes he’s gonna die if you eat those … look at them … all poisoned – is this the liver?
– Yes, the liver Tell me, how do you know them? the poisoned one and the not poisoned? from my studies and eyes we can eat the poisoned part if we wait for one year by keeping the organ in salt it’s a Japanese old custom Who is gonna eat a poison? I tried a couple of times I ate the poisoned parts The Pufferfish meat is good for bones So, the Japanese still love eating Pufferfish meat This is the safe parts and this one is dangerous he separated them because he’s an authorized cook … he knew how to separate them Imagine it was one fish full of poison who’s gonna eat this? No one … we need to keep the poisoned part in a box that has a key no one can touch it? special box … away from cats and dogs Poison is keep away from cats and dogs, it is not gonna be throwen away with the garbage – So, there is someone from the government who will take it
– Yes – Every month
– we have a contract with a company daily … they come to take it and let’s try the Fugu dangerous fish Oh we’re going to make 3 dishes Sashimi, deep-fried and … hot pot 3 different kinds of fugu dishes meat is still moving so moving … and it’s very difficult – it’s breathing
– Yes Muscle is still alive He’s saying that muscles … still alive … that’s why it is moving fry … deep fry this one here poison guys … poison guys … believe or not – Are you excited, Chef?
– Yes 😬 – I’m very happy to seve you my creation keep it into the ponzu – and then die
– No Can you eat first before Okay … okay He’s gonna teach us how to eat Pufferfish … I trust you …just wait … wait … we have to wait Do you wanna eat? Go first What not you first? Rock … scissors … Paper you’re gonna eat it … you first Jonney is going to try poison roll it up together Excellent very good very very good I’m gonna try now I’m going to eat this … the raw one challenging the poison … for the first time … In Japan In the name of Allah the most poisonous fish actually, it’s good very good … but it’s moving Waw … it has a gummy taste it doesn’t taste like real … normal fish – There’s something special about it
– Yeah He’s starting falling love with fugu Poison is playing here? Eh Yeah 😂 Waw, I think this is the best, man that’s why the Japanese eat it? Eh but I’m not gonna take this risk again Thanks God … everyone is safe Okay guys …that was the Fugu story Tell us your opinion on this … Do you have the courage to try it? write in the comments section The Chef needs a license … that’s why it is so so expensive Is it your first time? How was it? different … Yes Esta muy bueno … muy rico
It’s very good……….very rich … Does that mean it’s amazing?
– Yes, it’s amazing amazing in Turkish in Japanese

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