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جنون أكلة التاكوس في شوارع المكسيك 🌮 🇲🇽 Insane tacos tour in the streets of Mexico City

جنون أكلة التاكوس في شوارع المكسيك 🌮 🇲🇽 Insane tacos tour in the streets of Mexico City

This the kind of meat that deserves a “hats off” sign of respect. God knows how this day will end Gooey cheese! ’m physically tired in this country. When you eat fish, you calm down The man himself said.. Today’s episode is going to be about Mexico’s street food. And of course, when we say street food we are referring to Tacos. Tacos which are very well known and the most common food in Mexico in all the tastes, textures, shapes and flavours. So, let’s go around Mexico City, the capital of Mexico to see how many Tacos we’ll get. Let’s Go As they say, “Start BIG.” We’re going to start with the biggest Taco that is made of meat from the Cow’s spine meat. Of course, the cow, not me… What I’m holding is the Cactus leaf, and the final ingredient is this, which I will NOT eat because this is the Wajaka or Habanero, it’s something that’s crazy hot. If you can’t tolerate chilli don’t eat it. We have a long day and I don’t feel like dying now. However, all the magic is in this Guacamole. I’m enthusiastic about the tacos but even more enthusiastic about the amount of Avocado and Guacamole I’m going to have. Of course, you top it off with a lime squeeze. And now we start with the first Taco from today’s Taco Fiesta. In the name of Allah Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. The meat on its own is really tasty and more amazingly is that everything is grilled in one place including the tortillas that are toasted on the same pan. OH!! If every Taco is going to have this affect, Allah be with me on how this day will end. See you later Amigo I’m now at a place they call Antojitos Mexicano which stands for Mexican Appetizers. This is today’s new find, that when Tacos are sold on streets they only consider it as Appetizers, not more. Therefore, let’s go have some “Appetizers” Now it’s time for some Quesadillas which are a sister product of Tacos. They all come from the same dough that is made from cornflour. The fried one here is cheese stuffed. The cook fills it with cheese, closes it and deep fries it. The second has minced meat, closed and cooked. Let’s start with the cheese one as it’s still hot. What does this view tell you? The cheese is gooey. If you don’t understand what gooey cheese is go back to the 1st episode of the 2nd season from the UAE. Now let’s start with the meat Quesadilla and top it with this white creamy sauce, hoping it’s not chilli. First achievement is that it’s isn’t chilli and it might be the first thing I’ve had in Mexico which has no taste of chilli. The meat tastes nice and is cooked with tomatoes. Baby-cow meat here is excellent. Now it’s time for the Taco Dorado and you just wonder how many Taco kinds there are. This is also made from the same Taco dough but they roll it and deep fry it so it becomes like a biscuit. I always say Physics and food go hand in hand. That’s why the cook holds the Tacos together so that the Taco doesn’t unfold. Man, I swear the science of food is the best kind of science. The nice thing about it is that… I’m sorry but things here are so spicy and it makes me tired. What’s nice is that the ingredients come on the Taco. First thing is the Bean sauce and some cheese with a hint of chilli sauce because it would stop being a Mexican dish without the chilli. And now we’re going to leave the market and the street food and go to another taco place but this one is so dear to my heart. My smile shows you how dear it is. We arrive at the part I’m most enthusiastic about in this episode. We’re going to eat Barbacoa Tacos in the restaurant of Signor Moses. If you don’t know who Signor Moses is watch the previous episode from Mexico and see the wonders of grilling meat and sheep underground. Anyways, we came to his restaurant “El Hidalguense” and I’m going to mention the name in the link below this video because if you’re thinking of visiting Mexico I promise you this meat is worth traveling the oceans and seas for. The restaurant of course sells a lot of things but we’re focussing on Tacos. These are made with the same Barbacoa meat that is made in his farm and he delivers them here to his restaurant The meat is taken out of the leaf and stuffed into the Taco and is cooked a bit. Not too hot but the Taco is a bit dryer and stiffer than others. This the kind of meat that deserves a “hats off” sign of respect. Let’s try some of this chilli sauce because they told me it’s extremely spicy, Allah help me. Oh, dear Lord, what’s this?! Ok, I quit from anything that is this spicy. It’s causing tongue twisters for me. What do you think of having an episode only about Mexico’s spicy food? (Respond above) I think it’s a nice idea. A while back Mark Wiens had an episode from Mexico and ate the Barbacoa meat. This is the same meat I’m having now and the man said, This is guy who’s been around the world and has tried food from all over and he’s saying this is the most tender meat in the world. What do you expect me to say or do? **Flashback to Episode 4** I’m laughing from how amazing this food is Food is raining down from everywhere here, Alhamdulilah. This is also one of the million kinds of Tacos sold in Mexico and is made from blue corn. This is how blue corn looks and that’s why whenever you see a blue Taco, it’s made with this corn and not artificial colouring. I don’t think we’re leaving this place today. This is another type of Taco made with cheese. This whole piece is white cheese that’s famous in Mexico. The cheese is fried until it gets a bit toasted and they put it on a Taco. How amazing it is to finish from having meat to this amazing cheese texture with corn on top… I’m going to have this bite and run away before they serve me something else. A quick fun fact about Mexico is that they celebrate death!! They have something in their culture and this is the symbol of death which is something Mexicans celebrate. It’s the movement from a bad life to a good one. Haven’t you guys wondered about Fish. It’s unacceptable that you come to a country like Mexico and not try the Fish. And since today we’re going all Tacos let’s have Fish Tacos. The owner of this place treats it like a stall… why am I talking with Fish in front of me? Let’s start with the ingredients and this Taco is made from fried fish topped with chipotle mayo and red cabbage with onion-tomato sauce Now we’re talking!! This is something that makes you love the country you’re in. It’s so simple and the ingredients are simple, and done. There’s something about seafood it gives you a feeling of trance and tranquillity which you don’t get from meat or chicken. You eat fish and you’re calm. Oh my god on all these Tacos. But we’re still not done yet, let’s go. I’m now at something they call “Shawerma Street.” Actually, it’s called Tacos street. Shawerma street is in Amman, Jordan. However, it the two streets have things in common; 1. The Tacos here are made on Shawerma skewers but unfortunately, it’s all pork. 2. Most of the visitors to this place are university students. Anyways let’s go have some meat Tacos. Finally, and after how many Tacos I had this is the actual size of a Taco. This is the size of the tortilla bread with which Tacos are made. Anyways the Tacos I’m about to have are also from Cow meat but this time it’s rib-meat. Nice thing here is that there’s no Guacamole but the Avocado piece as is to be put on the sandwich. This is for the meat lovers who know that the pieces close to the bone are the tastiest. Anyways going back to the tortilla and a fun fact. I don’t know what this fun fact has to do with what I’m eating but do you know that Tortilla bread is the only type of bread that goes up with astronauts. This is because Tortilla bread doesn’t crumble or become smaller pieces like other breads. Imagine how the astronauts would deal with all the crumbs if they took normal bread. This fact is for you to know how food contributes to mankind progress and reaching Space, thank you and NEXT! So, we can finish all the Taco kinds in Mexico today I came to this fine-dining restaurant that does Tacos with more of a twist. The Taco in front of me is a Veggie Taco but has around 30 ingredients, and now I’ll tell you what these are. First thing on the tortilla is cauliflower sauce, topped with fried cauliflower in butter. Then they add some cabbage and apple. By the way, this thing smaller than my palm has all those ingredients. It also has some Kale and cabbage all topped by cabbage powder. This is different to the street food which I prefer but this feels a bit cleaner and isn’t spicy. Street food has killed me and I’m afraid of what’ll happen to me later on. Anyways, there’s something I want to flag. I thought the Taco was a meal, however, it’s simply anything that is put into tortilla bread becomes a Taco. Therefore, the name of the Taco depends on what the ingredients in it are. Ok, this is supposed to be the ending of this episode but I can’t just leave with this savoury taste, I need to please my sweet tooth. I’m downing it all with water. I need to please my sweet tooth. I’m downing it all with water. Let’s have dessert and I promise not to go elsewhere if this place serves some dessert. Yaaay. Apparently, they do have desserts. This is just a simple cake so we can end this episode after all I ate today. It’s a chocolate cake from a country that is known to export Cocoa across the world. The Mexican cuisine uses chocolate in a lot of recipes. This is the problem with small portions!! The plate finishes before you even have a chance to talk about it. Anyways, nothing too special it’s a nice idea or alien to chocolate lovers. Most importantly, you must finish with dessert. At least for me. Psychologically I’ll feel better and it’ll stop me from eating more Tacos. This is me telling my brain that I’m all settled and enough Tacos for the day. How many did I have anyways? Please help me count them. Anyways, today’s episode is over. See you in the next episode from a new place and with new food. Peace.

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