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तराईको जस्तो झोल माछा | Fish Curry | Khola ko Local Macha

तराईको जस्तो झोल माछा | Fish Curry | Khola ko Local Macha

Namaskar! Welcome to Rita`s Kitchen We are cooking Terai Style Fish Curry It is very easy to cook Watch the video till end And follow the instructions You will be pleased with the result Let`s have a look at the list of ingredients We have taken 1 Kg Fish (Rahu ) 2 medium sized tomatoes 2 medium sized onions Coriander Leaves 2 Table spoon salt 100 ml Cooking oil Garlic and Ginger 1 Table Spoon Coriander Powder Chili Powder (Optional) 1 Table spoon turmeric 2 Table spoon yellow mustard (soaked) Dry yellow mustard and cumin seeds Let`s blend all the ingredients. We used soaked yellow mustard, because it is easy to blend Add garlic and ginger Onions Blended onions are good for making smooth gravy Add some water Blend it Add more water if necessary Blend it Check the consistency It should be blended fine It is key to smoother gravy Let`s marinate the Fish Take fish in a deep bowl 1 Tea spoon turmeric 1 tea spoon salt 2 Table spoon paste, we just blended A little bit of chili powder 1 Tea spoon coriander powder 1 Tea spoon cumin powder Mix well Fish should be marinated on all sides Fish coated in marination tastes better If you want to serve fried fish Good marination is very important Turn on the gas Heat the pan on hi-heat Add 4 table spoon cooking oil Add the fish The fish sticks to the pan if the pan is not hot Listen to the sound It should sound like this Fry the fish for about 3-4 minutes on each side Or flip the fish when the color is golden brown Be careful You may break the fish It is ready on one side Look at the color When it is fried for 3-4 minutes on the other side Take it out on a paper towel Paper towel extracts the excessive oil Take oil in a deeper pan or a pot Add dry yellow mustard and cumin seeds When it sounds like in the video, add the rest of the paste, we prepared earlier Cook it well Add 1 Tea spoon turmeric powder 1 Table spoon Coriander powder Add 1 Tea spoon cumin powder Add 1 Tea spoon chili powder Fry all the ingredients for 4-5 minutes Raw onion should get cooked It`s ready. Let`s add chopped tomatoes Add salt according to your taste and cook it for 3-4 minutes more Salt helps cook the tomatoes faster cover it and cook it further Tomatoes are cooked Let`s add 1/2 liter water You can add more water, if you love gravy Cook the gravy until it starts to boil The gravy is boiling It should not be too thick or too thin We cannot cook the fish for a long time so don`t add the fish before the gravy is ready. Add the fish in the gravy Cook it for two minutes We should not cover and cook Because the fish is already cooked while frying. If you cover and cook it will be over cooked and becomes too soft Turn off the gas Leave it for 5 minutes to rest So the the taste form the gravy gets in to the fish Add fresh coriander The fish is ready Serve it with Plain rice or Sukha Roti You can also eat fried fish with tomato chutney If you want to make Sukha Roti You can watch the video about how to make sukha roti on our channel If you like our video hit the like button Support us by subscribing to our channel We will be back with a new recipe Thank you for watching

56 comments on “तराईको जस्तो झोल माछा | Fish Curry | Khola ko Local Macha

  1. jhol alik badhi baaklo bhayo ani sarsiu ko maatra ali badhi vayo. Sarsiu machha ko jhol ma fry garda overwheling taste ni aauna sakcha.

  2. Hi Everyone! I would welcome all types of feedback from you. What do you think about the length of the video? What about the way I describe? What kind of recipes would you like to see more? I am trying to learn from my mistakes and improve so please give me your feedback.

  3. यसरी सर्सु fry गर्दा झोल तितो हुन्छ के गर्नु?

  4. ramro lagyo.. maxa ma t jira dhnya n halera tori r postadana (poppy seed) aduwa lasun ma pni damii hunxa mo t tesori bnauxu jhol.. dherai cooking vdo hernu grxu tpai ko vdo simple nice mitho lagyo… love to watch

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