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ना गुरनाय // Boro Girls Fishing with Jekhai // Mousumi

ना गुरनाय // Boro Girls Fishing with Jekhai // Mousumi

and you guys might have already figured out watching the title that we are going for fishing today so tired right now let me see how much fish you got? there isnot much fish there is some crayfish some little snakehead fishes let me see yours there is fish i got some because the flood took away all the hideable plants and bush so there is less fish today still we got little for chutney purposes or enough for fish with roselle leaves curry oh..there is eel too? yes i got two small eels sister pour it down there lets check how much we got is this sister’s? sister you got enough for you who’s this sis? is is mine? yes, this is mine there is crayfish , crab and small eel

100 comments on “ना गुरनाय // Boro Girls Fishing with Jekhai // Mousumi

  1. बायना लाबोनानै खबाइआव सोदेरना लाखानांगौमोन लखबनायाव बुरजा नुनायनि ।

  2. abo afadwi bijayou marwi mwndw nakhw hw abo naya natur gwja nama hw abo ma gamini dwi ma bi hw abo plz khwntha lai ag bw gwru nathai nakhwnw mwna mathw abo

  3. Wow abo nwgw mathw jeraobw gwrwng thar mathw , including studies etc etc btw angw khali songnw lo rwngou ,😜
    Keep it up sis❤️

  4. Ankamya dwnwi Ankrigwiyababw na batwnjwngnw kohabsigwn. Berad mwjang…. Nagurnaikownw nuperladana…abar burjamwngwnde.

  5. Bodo English maximum use klm sister are l gwnangti jaywbla Hindi assamese kwobw use klm jahate be channel a international ao swohwiyw

  6. Nwngni videos khwo naina comments horaa losinw thanw hala ang…. 😍😍 somaidng…. Nathuraa gwthao jathargwn be….😁

  7. Thank you! For uploading love it . But its sad 😭😭😭😭 that you didn't caught any 🐟 fish 😞😔😔

  8. Mousumi could you please give me the link of the back ground music i love the background music……. Fell great 👍😁😁😁😊 waiting

  9. This place is very good for fishing, has beautiful fish Congratulations fisherman!

  10. गुरनो रोंबासो मोनगोन जेखायखोनो हमनोनोरोआ ना गुरनो फायदो।

  11. Jwbwd mwjang jadwng sister nwngni bebaidi boro harini na gurnai culturekwo dintina hwnaini takai. Beni takai rwja rwja sabaikor tabai.

  12. Wi friend kobykwo hinjao&siklapwra aki tingjaisw kayw.teobw jwjang jadwng.boro siklani gubwi akol dong nwngnao.jwbbwr somaina jadwng💖♥️.

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