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மீன் பிடிக்காதவர்கள் கூட விரும்பி சாப்பிடக்கூடிய மீன் கட்லெட் / Fish Cutlet with Eng Subtitles

மீன் பிடிக்காதவர்கள் கூட விரும்பி சாப்பிடக்கூடிய மீன் கட்லெட் / Fish Cutlet with Eng Subtitles

Hi Welcome Friends In Raghav’s cookery. today we are going to make fish cutlet No one can find that this cutlet is made of fish Since there wont be any fish smell in it, children and fish haters too will love eating this recipe It can be served as starter or as snack Let’s see how to make it We will divide today’s recipe into 3 steps First, boil fish and potato secondly, prepare the masala Third, shape and fry it I am going to steam fish and potato in this idly pot I’ve taken 300 gms King fish You can use any fish which has less thorns Let’s boil water now Water is nicely boiling, we will add potato and fish now I am adding 2 small sized potatoes Potatoes are used only for binding, so 2 will be enough In this, we will also add cleaned, turmeric smeared fish pieces You can also add fish pieces in water directly and boil it instead of steam cooking If you want to do that, add less water and boil the fish So that the nutrients won’t be lost in water Let it cook While steaming, let’s prepare the masala Heat some oil in a pan When it become hot, add curry leaves, finely chopped onion and mix well Instead of cooking the masala, you can directly add with fish But if you fry and add, flavor will be nice and it takes less time to deep fry Now add green chili and ginger garlic paste and mix well Finally, let’s add spice powders Add a tsp Red chili powder, 1/2 tsp garam masala, pepper powder and salt to taste. Mix well It’s been 5 minutes. Let’s check Fish is cooked. Remove from the pan Take out the potatoes also Let it cook down completely After it cools down, peel off the skin Next, shred the fish Remove the skin and thorns completely Use the hands to remove any lumps If you find any thorns, remove it To a bowl, add the boiled potato and mash well There should be no lumps If so, cutlet may break To this, add the shredded fish, fried masala, some coriander leaves and salt to taste Mix well to combine The reason for cutlet to break is, the mixture should not have any moisture in it and no lumps too Everything is ready. So finally, let’s shape and fry it Take a small portion and shape in it your palms You can make it in any shape If serving for kids, use cookie cutter to shape it differently Next, to coat the cutlet beat 1 egg in a bowl Dip the prepared cutlet in egg first and coat it on bread crumbs Everything is ready. Oil too is ready to fry You can shallow fry instead of deep frying That’s also tastes good Once oil is hot, drop each cutlet Fry it in medium flame Since the mixture is already cooked, no need to fry it for a long time In case if the mixture has moisture and break, saute it for some more time till all the moisture evaporates and then shape and fry it Remove when the color changes Aaha, Fish cutlet is ready Try this recipe and surprise your guests Friends, do try this recipe and tell me COOK AND ENJOY!!!

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