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చేపల పులుసు ఇలా చేసి చూడండి చాలా రుచిగా ఉంటుంది | Rayalaseema Chepala Pulusu | Fish Curry |

చేపల పులుసు ఇలా చేసి చూడండి చాలా రుచిగా ఉంటుంది | Rayalaseema Chepala Pulusu | Fish Curry |

hello friends welcome back to our
channel geetha vlogs Sonia and evil epic Corral’s him a special chapel apples ooh
Ella prep a chest collar to pitch about the nanu oh my god – stuntin ain’t no
report on kind of monkey so Ella pre-purchase caller tells kunam
under chala easy process and the equal time could Aperta do so minimum Monica
two to three days work ooh man I’m a fridge restore just code athina chain
matazo undertaste accountant they so Inc in the Coliseum Ella pre-purchase caller
tells kunam moon nigga 1 k gr 1 and of k GJ pulse is corny underneath your voice
just call you puto and eating of ostriches : mata so that the chalak lien
I both only so in any creative on and off kgj palü underneath curve Austria’s
Kuna know so kerry Katona Luther Valkyrie curtain country abyss taru so
mundo Gaston Chandi Monaco Khun chai masala Andaman chicken roast yes Connie
mixing is : matter so the unco so makin a nonstick pan Oh mrs. Khanna know so
mundo cockatoo 2-3 spoon so Daniel og LOC Araminta Lu check and Allah gala
Vanga Allah she could have a tooth Barker but a carpet any color check
available but a MacEwan Cohen jumps bicycle Cowell and could have a score
with you laganja and ilaha illah chief s and and matazo even newman chica Rochas
coney low flame linear osseous : Matta Allah give in charmville you liquid of
agency bhava rose she says koni koni Oman Comanche are almost old on thee so
art when day time Lumina most off chases each allergy underwater Manama mixi
vases called Chu so to Sarah not get a man she are almost
inanimate on the low flame low eros yes convey so that manicou when Chigi Chapel
Luce set up ado of flavor and Eddie Charla Parvati Liston and mata soy
Corral mokuba Rachel away Polly and Arthur Watson a new consume smooth
ground just couldn’t uh no and illogical inch of water act is Ascona smooth-faced
lack of repentance s Conde so in Kaikohe masala a mushroom Laden matazo in the
condom when I’m in the law and the act is a semca da so income anak extra
masala learning show me later so couldn’t chunk of water access is gonna
mix a vase is : Matta so you put go into my aluminum car I
consume northbound echidna this cone is Angelo Cunningham oil waste Konya oil
could you make paper Tony so che palle Cara
so tonight approach ala testing out to the couch Amalia visconde and a lager
consume carve a PACU and at the Vltava one ani and mrs. hebe are mixed races
Allen mitakuye color changer and the Vancouver arrange for the audience
and Allah gave co2 to three green chillies and adhirata okay whenever and
of spoon Allah al aliy paste cut away in this so that Monaco Solomon ji flavor
Austin and matazo thinit approach ala tasty go unto thee but Ramon I’m tomahto
you che mi cara cheerful will slow tabata use share mostly prominent spices
add Jesus kana mu so I could have earned off spoon salt access a new and a lagoon
jumper super Mitaka half spoon at snd and I like a pungent spicy her coven and
kentucker two spoons red chilli powder add changes so that trials in my taste
and any battle is sturdy so it continued to spoons chilli powder add Cassano
culture medium flame low francesco and a so true cerca de i where you don’t above
in the aroma I mean color-coordinated the power though Aleman genomeics
sheezus Kanaka Monica mundo got paste mix erases kunam Cara Daniel og LOC
Araminta low so a Dakota paste versus a Alan matazo to Sarah a paste anthem ACC
baaga mixture society so medium flow me only Friday’s Connelly two to three minutes cook just could not
communism and I much in the pan noon on pit call and metasearch independent
juice and today is a nd so to cerca de a la modem chin up and run toboggan
exchanges ER juice and then we say Alan meta so Monica in the water Carvalho and
the address is called you uniquor Garnett of kg fish goes a muneca talk of
1 liter water use Shannen Mata so cinta pan want the park up Toscani
are jewish una cara so Adam Turman a mu a car I love SSA Ali
so Allah vases the park of mixed race is Cindy and a logical inch of water at to
the 7 o’clock of 1 liter water at this asana so you put a flame medium flame
low pet Coney water power Muruga tuned a lot matter so opera cumin efficient and
the Adjaye go to a play the Monica water boil out to entire so to set up water
boil out like other Soper couldn’t remove lemonade the medium Lapidus
actually the high flame low Pettis konima now boil of unevenly so other
bottom on a medium flame low pretest Coney you put him on am efficient in the
ad chair and eating a clean just condom cada so officially the ad she says hey
Ally so Neil Margo to net up Raymond I’m
efficient in the ad chill and what a moon if she shot in the other of the
water is the quantum sup around only and that is to reduce Superman or gala
kilometer to a kilometer can be in the country we vary both ie chalice often
died and met efficient a reso form heart count I water cooler so would colic
Albert and a aren’t they so Allah mix Jason see medium flame low
nephritis kilometer so move the potato Kerr 15 to 20 minutes along a wood less
I need so he put to Sarah in the bargain though so pikey could oil power Delta
least so fish could add chalice off to the or acquaintance Mata to boost and
Miku in the softer grant Elsa so occur 20 to 25 minutes a medium flame low paid
AC Arthur by the stove off physicists elbow to knee so I can ingest Ocala
Culver to no no under color Justin tango approved are numbered currently alarmed
mr. Lee so docility could at Charlotte a sticker on 10,000 in sandwich a panful 7
ad so Mick to pistono just over Chile’s pulpit to none and Matta almost human
ocupada kukup Wendy and Jolla so off to kokoro and then Matt efficient a the
producer final game and I’m Co Tamara vases chorus Tawaf school desperately
and by the way Emma ride and on vegetarian Sunday suga here I’ll zoom
especial Chapel opposite Jesse Miku Allah could in the taco
comment just a promoter must sell much produce so final it occurred to me that
just now come on I’m so off just this opportunity so guys here I’ll see more
special Apple Apple so me and their kid Najimy and uncontrolled a nose so
naturally I wrote a lecture the matter was still much both do and the Michaela
could record a comment join me and my friends give me family members crush a
chain d and ever an aquatic of you just did not don’t take in the red button
this subscribe so subscribe just gonna be like and
could activate chain D and thank you so much for watching

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