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അയല മുളകിട്ടത് How to Make Ayala Mulakittathu/Spicy Fish Curry Meals /Spicy Meen Curry/Tasty Kitchen

tasty kitchen subscribe channel watch videos like share and comment coconut oil 2 tbspn mustard seed 1 tspn fenugreek seed 1/4 tspn mix well. ginger garlic paste 2 tbspn green chilli 4 nos curry laves small onion10 nos mix well. Add small onion mix well. salt to taste mix well. Ayala 1/2 kg red chilli powder 2 tbspn kashmiri chilli powder 2tbspn coriander powder 1tbspn turmeric powder 1/2 tbspn pepper powder 1/2 tspn mix well. add water salt to taste kudampuli 2 nos mix well. Tomato 2 nos coconut oil 1 tbspn add curry leaves

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