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#เหยื่อตกปลาค่ายดังในศรีสะเกษ Test famous fishing lures made in Sisaket  : By P.K. Fhing

#เหยื่อตกปลาค่ายดังในศรีสะเกษ Test famous fishing lures made in Sisaket : By P.K. Fhing

Hello. Today, see you again as usual. To day. I am at Pho Si Suwan District. To day… We’ll come back to fishing before again. Which today uses victims … I went to buy a victim Is a victim that I regularly use to be a fc that has it all Famous victim in Sisaket Brand subsra Every time use Will always get the fish Is a very good fishing bait If I remember correctly, this camp will produce 3 versions of the victims. I went to buy this bait. You get another bait for testing. Is a propeller rubber frog In addition to allowing me to test Who doesn’t know what will be I’ll test today. Famous fishing lures in Sisaket Is subsra camp of you nam Will this victim be cool? Come see it. Ok, let’s go. Because using the phone camera Will not zoom to see Then looking at how I fall How to create action? About this hit go that corner. Hook! OK, Acquired 1 point Let’s continue to see how many point fully mouth Beat up, then slowly drag into the water. The action is up to us to create. Will knock like singking underwater Drag on the water surface I myself use both types. This drag is to allow the prey to float on the water surface. Hook! Do you see? This method is used to hit the shore and then slowly drag it into the water. Point 2 Beautiful size With the famous brand of rubber frogs in Sisaket subsra I will create an action by tapping underwater. And drag on the water surface Let’s continue Hook! According to the fishing style Ok, beautiful size Anyone interested in fishing bait, I will put a link under the clip Use the technique to hit the shore and then knock over the water. Ok, I saw 1 frog I will change the victim and hit frog. By using the rubber worm bait Ok, Let’s see Will zoom to see Frogs already eat bait, rubber worms. Will bring to treat at home Ok. Summary of today’s fishing Come to test the famous fishing bait Fishing at Pho Si Suwan End the trip at Ban Non Sai Canal. Considered quite successful Look at the fish that you see Quite a lot The victims used were brand subsra Previously bought 2 victims Get another free item to test This is a bait that is used regularly. Is a very good victim Is a famous rubber frog brand subsra And the other one that was obtained was this one This one Is a newly produced bait Like a frog jumping but with blades Not in the clip because keep the phone battery at the end But it is a very good bait. Fighting fish is very good. In conclusion, the trip is considered the victim passed The work is quite large. Lastly, please subscribe to the channel PK Fishing For the famous fishing bait in Sisaket province, it’s very amazing. Ok, Please follow the work as well. Thank you… I will put a link for those interested in fishing bait, I will put it under the clip.

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