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♡ Medical Supplies: Delivery, Unboxing & Restock [CC] | Amy Lee Fisher ♡

♡ Medical Supplies: Delivery, Unboxing & Restock [CC] | Amy Lee Fisher ♡

Hey everybody welcome back to my channel.
So this was not the video that I was planning on filming today
but truth is that I don’t have the time to film the video that I wanted to film.
So my plan is, I have to do this job anyway regardless of whether I’m
filming it or not so I thought I might as well film whilst I’m doing it because
it will make interesting content for you guys & you guys seem to like my
medical videos alot so I thought why not show you what my TPN delivery and
supplies, well medical supplies delivery looks like. So behind me we have 9 lovely boxes
2 of them will be IV fluids these 3 are TPN. This is my turolock
which is a blood thinner which keeps my It keeps my line from clotting basically, so it’s
what I inject in this when I’m not using it. So all the blood that goes in there
it’s not gonna clot or so then when I go to flush it it’s not gonna send a clot
to my heart and kill me or anything sounds dramatic but anyway. The other three are just medical supplies that I need like I don’t know let me think, stuff like hand
sanitizing stuff but like the fancy hospital kind my gloves, flushes, giving
sets that kind of thing all that and I’ll go through it when I unbox it. OW my hip. So today I thought that’s what we do I unbox these boxes and go through it with
you guys and show you where I store all my stuff and what an unboxing of my medical delivery slash supplies And if you at home have just started TPN or feeds or something along those lines Well I guess this is what you can expect
like delivery wise. If you’re wondering what your first delivery is gonna look like
and back in the day I actually did a video on my
channel of a feed supplies delivery unboxing when I was living in the UK so
if you’re interested in that I will leave it up or pop it up on screen
somewhere or will be in the description. So you can go check that out but without
further ado let’s get into the video. Let’s get un boxing and I hope you guys
enjoy. So first things first we’re gonna unbox the TPN which is these 3 boxes
here. I’m doing my best not to show my address but I might have to block it out.
So on here it says driver please contact your supervisor immediately if delivery
is delayed refrigerate if delayed and it says store it between two to eight
degrees. Refrigerate. DO NOT freeze. That is
because my TPN has to be kept in the fridge. However it cannot be frozen so
that is the first box I use every time or the first box I unbox every time just
because well it has to be kept in the fridge. So I’m going to bring my
boxes into the garage and I’m gonna go get my scissors to slice them open. I’m
gonna show you guys, I don’t want to say how I unbox because you know unboxing is
pretty self-explanatory. The first thing that I’m gonna do is I’m going to unbox
all or open all of the boxes because otherwise I’ll have to make loads of trips to the
fridge. I really need to get a proper like
Stanley knife to do this. I’m scared if I use a Stanley knife I’ll cut too deep into the box even though it’s got like safety packaging so
this is what the box looks like when you open it it. It has this like foil stuff, so I just move
it out the way and then it comes with ice packs in there, because like I said
it has to be kept cold. So while it’s traveling they pack it with load of ice
packs. So the first thing I’m going to do is put all the bags onto the little sofa
that’s behind me and I’m going to move the box aside and we’re gonna do that
with all of them. I’ll show you what I’m gonna do with the boxes
because I do have to break these boxes down so dad can take them to work & get rid of them. As you imagine we accumulate a lot of
packaging in this house. The first thing I do is I get all the ice packs and I
put them into one of the boxes and then I pick up this foil kind of
packaging. I’ll fold this up properly later, but just for the speed of the video and
then these boxes I’m going to leave to the side but I will be you know cutting these down later to
make them nice and flat. Okay so now I’ve got my little pile of TPN I’m gonna open up the fridge
which you guys have seen in my TPN setup video and if you haven’t watched that
video then again I will pop up on screen now or it’ll be in the description. As
you can see there’s nothing in my fridge at the moment because we’ve run out. So
I’m gonna move the bags from here to the fridge. Just one by one bring them over. Like that. so in case I haven’t mentioned this
before, last one, is I get TPN supplied to me in week
deliveries but the rest of my supplies I get supplied monthly. Done. And I will
sort these out in one second but I’m going to do that off camera. So we’re now
in the bedroom, so I’ve got two boxes in front of me these are so heavy that I
had to use my wheelchair to get them here and yeah I just couldn’t lift them,
because they’re full of fluids. If I try and lift heavy things it
just makes my shoulders dislocate. It’s extremely painful so on that note lets unbox these. So I’m going to unbox these first & then we’ll get to the ones on the bed. So these boxes are both full of IV fluids. This is what the IV fluids look like. So we’ll go stock the bottom of my
drawer with those. So after I’ve unboxed everything. I’m gonna do that first & then I’ll take you to my drawers and I’ll show you where we like stock
everything. That seems like a better plan, rather than unboxing and making a trip, unboxing making another trip. If I wasn’t filming thats exactly what I would be doing. I would be unboxing then, going over there I think each box has 16 bags of fluid. And this is plasmalyte, so it’s not just
normal saline it’s got like a bit of everything in it it’s meant to mimic
like your blood plasma and the same kind of proteins and vitamins that are in
there, so that’s what that is. Next were going to unbox this one. It’s very light. It’s so silly. They actually give the biggest boxes for the tiniest packages sometimes. So in here is my Turlock This one here just says store at room temperature. This doesn’t need to go in the fridge. I know some people keep there IV fluids in the fridge. Personally I don’t, I prefer not to. I mean you can, but I don’t. So again we have more foil stuff. and then we have baggies. It says please use first so I’ll make sure to put those on top, and then we have got another bag. I’m going to leave those on top of the IV fluids, because were going to be taking them in there to put them away anyway. This one again, not very heavy. Not particularly sure whats in this, because these 3 are just medical supplies and I can’t remember what I ordered. So we’re going to find out. Oh okay so these are giving sets and by giving sets I mean ‘body sets’ and these are the tubing that connects from me to my TPN. So we have 2 of those. So we’ll just pop those over here. So in this box we have some posi-flushes and those are the saline flushes I use to flush my line. So we got one box of those. and then the last box, which is a little bit heavier, but not too heavy. Okay we have more posi-flushes and ohh some other goodies. So we’ve got some compact hand towels, this is what we use to dry our
hands after we’ve washed them. We have another thing of posi-flushes, we have 2 of those now. We have 2 more things of hand towels, because believe it or not we go these a lot and also Tom tends to drop
half the packet when he opens it, so we go through them even quicker. Because
once it’s been dropped on the floor we can’t use it then because they have to
be not necessarily sterile but we have to be clean. So three of those. They will be
be going to the bathroom. We have some chlorhexadine which is 70%
alcohol and it’s like tinted pink and it’s like a hospital-grade disinfectant
basically that and then we have another debug hand hygiene solution these get
kept on the tray that you guys are on at the moment. There’s another bottle of chlorhexadine there
and this is what you use to wipe down our trays with. We clean our hands with before we set up TPN an etc. So there just going to sit on the bottom of the tray. lastly we have some Tegaderm which is a
clear dressing it looks like this it covers my line and keeps it nice and
clean it’s not quite the same as this dressing but it’s similar to this, but
normally I would use the Tegaderm with a little bio patch but I will make another
video on a dressing change and how we do that because of what I thought. It would be
interesting for you guys to see. Anyway that is it. So now were going to go into the other room & put away all of our medical supplies. so um I’m ready to start putting some of
this away however I do just realize that I don’t necessarily need every single
thing that I’ve put down here because as you can see behind me there is a lot of
mess. Most of those empty however these on this side is my current stock and
this is a spare bedroom in the house also I’m currently living with my dad
while Tom and I get our own place when currently in the process of getting our
own house and so that’s why we’re at living with my dad at the moment so the
spare bedroom is where we keep all of our stock because we honestly don’t have
anywhere else to put it at this moment but however when we get our own house we
will have like pretty much probably just a, one of the spare bedrooms. We would probably turn it into a medical storage place or something I
don’t know though this is where we kind of keep stock that we’re not using some
of this stock can be a little put in the boxes like two of these cuz we only need
one at the moment so I’m just gonna put all that kind of thing in those boxes
I’m not gonna necessarily show that but I’m just letting you know that’s what
we’re doing. I’m gonna bring everything in here first and then we can put
everything away. That’s probably the best plan. So bare with me. So I’ve brought everything, well one of everything of what I’m going to need to restock my drawers and
however the spare things for example you know we have like multiples of these we
have multiples of these the multiples are like in the bedroom and they’re like
with the rest of the stock like I showed you guys. So now we’re gonna put these
away but I’m going to start with these compact towels because these get kept in
our bathroom next to the sink so first things first is going to put that in
bathroom because that’s what we keep it because we’ve run out of these and we
were waiting on a delivery so we were using some kitchen roll instead and
however now we have our compact towels back so this just basically stays in
this little corner here and that’s what we use to dry our hands with after we’ve
done our like hand hygiene and if you haven’t seen my TPN setup video please
go check it out. It will pop up on the screen somewhere because that’s you know our
hand hygiene and that’s what that’s to do with. Next we are going to be putting
away the turolock which are these things here, now this is actually labeled
where is it on here and this says please use first so I’m gonna make sure I put
this one on the top as you can see they’re in a bag inside a bag so first
things first I’m just gonna cut these open and then I just basically grab the
chunk of these. This is gonna go in the second row down and I’m just going to
put all these together with the oldest ones on the top and then I’m just gonna
put this on top of that because these ones need to be used first before any of
those other ones. So this is what my drawer currently looks like we have a bunch
of turolock here that can be drawn up by hand but these syringes are already
measured out with what I need, so we’re gonna pop this in there like that
and that’s that draw. The next thing which also goes in the same drawer as
the turolock is my tedaderm, so for that this normally sits at the front but I’m
just going to move it out of the way for a second
and the Tegaderm sits behind that one so that just sits at the back out of the
way and then that sits like that. Next we’re gonna be doing the posi flushes which is this
one here I’m just gonna open up this box it’s not been that long since we stocked
the top so it doesn’t need too much in there but I am gonna put probably two rows. So as you can see there is some stock already in there. So then thats nice and full. Next this is our giving set draw and this one is quite bare. Gonna go ahead and open up
the body guard giving set box. Probably put about 3 per row if that make sense.
Sometimes you can probably put a little bit more maybe 4 will fit. I’ll just have
to test it. Yeah that closes fine. So it can get about 4 per row. and then we’ve finished that box so really I could actually probably go and get another box
also another thing that we’ve got to do when we have a deliveries you have to do
a stocktake to make sure that we know how much stock
we have left is then when Baxter ring me Baxter is the company that delivers my
supplies. See the bottom of the box there Baxter, there are people that deliver my
supplies, so when they ring me which they usually ring me at least once a month and
they will ask me what I need to order etc so as long as we keep a stocktake
then we know what things need ordering and what doesn’t. So the draw is now fully
stocked maybe a little bit too full with anything but it closes so that’s alright
and then these are the dressing packs which it’s pretty you know it’s not too
low in stock so I’m not going to bother with that even though I know we didn’t
get of dressing packs today but we do have
stock of those but they don’t really particularly need to be stocked, so
that’s fine, and then lastly the last thing we’re gonna do is restock the
bottom drawer which is the IV fluids and have a look because there isn’t much
stock at all of these we only have two bags. We usually put them this way because
that way we can fit more in just to lie them flat. Sorry that’s it loud and
crinkly. That will probably do. So thats fully restocked, and then the rest we will keep in
the bedroom with the others and that is pretty much it that is basically what a
supply delivery looks like, you know unboxing and then restocking and
probably do that at least once a month I would say and but we do restock it you
know a few times throughout the month because you go through supplies a lot
quicker than what you think go through especially because sometimes you know if
you’re setting up a sterile field and you accidentally drop something on the
floor you can’t use it you know you’ve got to start a whole new sterile field
so some nights you might go through double the amount of supplies that you
would normally go through but yeah that is pretty much it for this video guys if
you really if you did enjoy it please please PLEASE get a thumbs up and also
hit that subscribe button to join the family and if there’s any other kind of
videos that you would like to see from me don’t forget to leave them down below
and I will do my best to get around to doing them eventually yeah like
subscribe all that jazz I love you guys so so much and I will see you in my next

84 comments on “♡ Medical Supplies: Delivery, Unboxing & Restock [CC] | Amy Lee Fisher ♡

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  7. Some IV fluids have to be kept in the fridge to maintain sterility. If you get bags that have had the air removed, or air removed and tubing primed, they must be kept in the fridge until a few hours before use, they can be taken out and left out for 24 to 48 hours depending on what your home care company says. It's not always a matter of preference and sometimes must be done to ensure the fluids are kept safe.

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