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✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fish

✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fish

FISH Stick around till the end, I’ve saved my favorite for the last! Before the 1.13 update, there were no fish mobs. We only had these “Fish” items (yeah it was boring) After 1.13, we got 4 new main fish types (hooray :D) These also got their actual mob counter parts. What you’re looking at now are cods These are salmon. (turtle is like:i wanna be in the video too!!) These are the tropical fish (woah is that nemo in the distance) And finally, derpy pufferfish (they are cute :3) Pufferfish can be used in brewing. First, you need to brew an awkward potion. You can brew 3 with single nether wart item. Once you have your awkward potions, pop in your pufferfish. This will create a potion of water breathing. This effect will last 3 minutes. The effect can be extended to 8 minutes using redstone. This will get rid of your underwater weakness! (wow! :o) Speaking of weaknesses, fish have a few. The first one being… *When a Fish Throws a Party lmao* Dancing! *Magmamusen get’s sad 🙁 ..Sad music* lik if u cri evertim 🙁 1 like=1 fish saved 🙁 Fish have another, less funky weakness… The impaling enchanment causes tridents to deal additional damage towards aquatic mobs. This includes fish. Fish are pretty easy to kill no matter your weapon though Cod can be found in normal, cold and lukewarm oceans. As well as those biomes’ deep variants. They usually swim in school of up to 9 cod. Salmon can be found in cold and frozen oceans. As well as their deep variants. If you see icebergs, you’ll probably find salmon. They usually spawn in schools of up to 6. Tropical fish spawn in schools of up to 9. They spawn in lukewarm, warm and deep lukewarm oceans. Pufferfish can spawn in exactly the same places as tropical fish. They don’t have the same school swimming behavior. The pufferfish item texture has gone through some changes. This was the first pufferfish item. It was changed to… The second pufferfish item, now with spikes! (it looked like its the sun but with face lel) Finally, this changed to… This pufferfish item texture. Now with goofy eyes, this is one of my favorite textures in the game… This is the current texture, as of this video. Can the fish be cooked? Well, yes and no… Clowfish items won’t cook. Pufferfish items won’t cook. Raw salmon items will! Eating raw salmon restores 2 hunger and 0.2 saturation. Cooked salmon will restore 6 hunger and 9.6 saturation! Raw cod will restore 2 hunger and 0.4 saturation. While cooked cod will restore 5 hunger and 6 saturation. When the fish were first released, they had 20 health (wow thats OP! :o) This was quickly lowered to 3 health Despite tropical fish being so diverse, they will drop the same clownfish item… I suspect this might change in the future. Speaking of tropical fish, they are quite interesting! They have 22 default varities. You are looking at those 22 default varieties right here (rainbow! :D) 90% of tropical fish generates as one of these 22. However, a rare 10% are uniquely generated. The last 10% are generated with a random combination of different modifier values… The modifiers are size,pattern, fish color, and pattern color Here you see the 2 different sizes as well as the 6 different patterns. These modifiers result in 2700 unique tropical fish! But remember, only 10% of them are uniquely generated! If you find a tropical fish that does not look like one of these, it’s a rare and unique one! *just keep swimming just keep swimming* Here’s an example of some rare unique fish! You might have some fun trying to collect these! You can collect fish using a bucket of water. It even unlocks an advancement! “Tactical Fishing”. You can do this with any of the 4 main fish types. It’s part of the husbandry advancement tree. You can actually skip the “Fishy Business” advancement. welp im done making the captions (oh and btw i didnt make some of dis captions i just continued making it soo yeah) k thats all bye 😀 (oh and even tho you can literally read magmamusen’s captions thank you for still reading my captions) aaaand byeee 😀

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  1. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Minecarts:

    Bonus Fish Fact: Cod and Salmon will drop their cooked version if killed by fire, that's pretty difficult though!

  2. I dont like the fish kill I love fish and I feel like that's FISH ABUSE I love your channels but still.. please note more fishie abuse

  3. When everyone talks about how the turtle photobombed the salmon but you were also there too
    frustrated squid noises

  4. Ummm so i have the captions on and.. at 6:51 it said “The second pufferfish item, now with spikes! (It looked like its the sun but with a face lel)” WHAT??? he didnt even say that in the video.. im so confused?

  5. Bonus Fact: If You Give Fish Water Breathing, They’ll actually Breathe On Land!
    I Tested with Minecraft PE, I Don’t Know If It Will Work On Other version

  6. Mojang should do bird and bug mobs. But the birds don’t all look the same and the bugs don’t all look the same.

  7. I mean, before I saw this video I spawned in two tropical fish, and none of them does not look like one of these on the picture ;-;

  8. Salmon spawn in cold waters?

    I think my salmons lost their way then . . . I have a river filled with those.

  9. Bro when showing salmon a wild turtle appear and said "I ALSO WANT TO BE IN THIS VIDEO TELL THEM ABOUT ME "

  10. Fun fact: salmons that are in minecraft are actually the inedible ones edible salmons are bright and grey and young the salmons in minecraft are old rotting red and green salmons weird right?

  11. I once was building in survival with my pet pufferfish jerry he looked so cute and I kept him , he saved me from a zombie I would’ve died if he didn’t hit him , he died from my friends ,I always bring jerry back no matter what in new survival worlds

  12. Everyone: Turtle photo bombing the salmon

    Me: What about that squid that appeared in the corner after the turtle at the last second

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