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✔ Minecraft: How to make an Aquarium

✔ Minecraft: How to make an Aquarium

How to make an Aquarium Hello again! Today we build a basic aquarium! Once you have this, you ca customize it into any aquarium! You might want to use glass blocks, I prefer glass panes. They add depth wall of the aquarium. We are almost done with the base! I briefly cover customization in the second half of the video. Now we need to fill it with water. We want to avoid having flow in the water, so the fish can swim freely I place water in layers to make sure I have avoided flow 30 second later Once you rech the bottom, you are done I love this part, decorating the aquarium I use a mix of corals, sea grass and kelp If your aquarium is big enought, you could add miniature castles Might be making another vide for that stuff Make sure you are subscribed if you don t want to miss it. :] I like cramming as much life into the aquariumas possible Now for the best part, the fish I prefer tropical fish and a salmon for an aquarium of this size Did you know that some tropical fish are rarer than others Watch my video about the fish to learn more, they are unique I have linked to the video in the description and the comments You use materials to create the aquarium Your choice really changies the feel of the aquarium It fit into any build style, if you just use the right material Decorate the aquarium the way you want it No matter what, this is a great starting point You might also want to choose a different glass color Light blue is my favorite, but you might prefer something else You can easily sink it into a wall This way it takes up less space in your room There is endless ways to decorate and shape the aquarium It is also super easy to scale in any direction Hope you enjoyed this video See you next video

100 comments on “✔ Minecraft: How to make an Aquarium

  1. I remember when I made a glass box, filled it with water, and put 2 Squids in there.

    That was the classic aquarium.

  2. I dont like to use glass panes myself because the fish often get stuck out of water because theres a small gap between the glass and water.

  3. hi! i’m currently making this in survival but my fish always despawn somewhere else 🙁 is it the coral that makes them stay? or they always spawn somewhere else?

  4. Today bêta fish of my son died, we make this Kind of fish tank for he's memory. "sorry my write im french"

  5. Question do the fish actually stay in there or do they disappear??? Anyway to keep the fish in there I used fencing to keep them in the water return and my fish were gone

  6. Chtělo by to spíš skleněný blok ale i tak je to super😀😁😄👍👍👍👍👍🖒🖒🖒🖒

  7. If your fishes disappear in the latest update use command /summon entity you want then where the put PersistenceRequired1

  8. Please build a zoo!🐶🐀🐈🐢🐓🐥🐏🐐🐂🐄🐴🐷🐧🐼🐍🐘🐆🐒🐫🐟🐠🐬

  9. I collect fishes and then name them by their actual name, after I just put them in their own tanks and display them

  10. Tropical fish: Hey guys, we're the same species, wanna be friends?
    Other tropical fish: Sure!
    The lonely salmon: :/ I despise my existence.

  11. I somehow managed to put a drowned in my aquarium in survival, but all my puffer fish died because the drowned attacked them

  12. Whoever disliked this video of my childhood are creepers and angry 9 year olds who are obsessed about fortnite.

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