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❤ BURRITOS DE ATÚN, tacos de atún, mexican food #burritos, #atun, #taco

❤ BURRITOS DE ATÚN, tacos de atún, mexican food #burritos, #atun, #taco

Alebrijes Mexican food and more Tuna Burritos Ingredients: 2 medium potatoes 2 cans of tuna 2 medium tomatoes A piece of onion 10 flour tortillas approximately Oil spray Black pepper Salt Preparation In a small saucepan add a little water and place potatoes Once tápalas begin to boil and cook for 20 minutes, then draws the potatoes and let cool When cool proceeds to remove the peel Now cut the potatoes into medium cubes Continues with onion and cut into small cubes We do the same with the tomatoes but cut into medium cubes To cook the ingredients, place a pan and add oil spray. Add potatoes Season with salt and pepper Fried potatoes for 2 minutes at medium heat Add the onion and continue frying for another minute Add tuna and mix the ingredients Finally add the tomato and stir everything Add a little salt to the tomato Cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes on medium heat Now make burritos as shown closing them with sticks You stay well With the oven pre-heated to 200 ° C if gas or 300 ° if electric bakes burritos between 10 and 15 minutes Let cool slightly so you can remove sticks Tuna Burritos Thank you for viewing our video, if I tegsto recipe you can do the following: 1. Give like to know that you liked 2. Subscribe to our channel 3. Share the video with your friends on your social networks And do not forget to leave your comments we need to know what you think !!! Alebrijes Mexican food and more Mango, mango water Guacamole, botana fish and shrimp

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