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【MUKBANG】 1Kg Of Roe ! Salmon Roe Rice Bowl, 7 Rice Cups + Aosa Soup! 4.6Kg, 7036kcal [CC Available]

【MUKBANG】 1Kg Of Roe ! Salmon Roe Rice Bowl, 7 Rice Cups + Aosa Soup! 4.6Kg, 7036kcal [CC Available]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka (Eng subs by ~Aphexx~)
(Change font size color and transparency via options menu) So, Today! tadaa I’ve made an Ikura (salmon egg) bowl
(Change font size color and transparency via options menu) ~omg so heavy~
for today’s dish I used a special soy sauce made for ikura so it was so simple and easy to make this dish today
there was also an alternate recipe using sushi rice but I prefer warm rice so I just dropped a huge
amount of Ikura eggs onto a bowl of rice
~1 Kg worth~ alrighty lets see how its made I’ll be using this soy sauce made especially for Ikura egg
chop up the perilla leaf so today’s meal will be super easy
fill a bowl with rice…. I’ll be using 7 cups for mine today
add plenty of chopped up seaweed I’ll be making my usual Kaisendon sauce
sake, mirin, soy sauce, sugar, water, and bonito dashi powder bring to a slight boil and its ready
tadaa look at the Ikura eggs don’t they look so pretty? today I’ve got 1kg of them place the Ikura on it
omg am I in heaven? this feels almost sinful wow this is what 500g looks like Jeez that’s quite a lot
but since we’re dealing with 1Kg worth….. time to add another 500g tadaa guys look at this…. Check out the mountain of Ikura I keep getting comments from people saying they’re ‘triggered’
by seeing things like this it triggers people with trypophobia I’ll have to remember to leave a bit of a trigger warning
(Also don’t ever do an image search for Trypophobia) now place the perilla leaf in the middle … I’ve made a litre of some of my fav Aosa seaweed tadaa the dish is complete ahh look at how much Ikura egg is piled up here
also I’ll be having Aosa seaweed soup with flowery dried tofu lets see how much it weighs
w/o the bowl its 3.6 kg combined with 1kg of soup its 4.6kg
itadakimasu I’ll now add the kaisendon sauce to it
ahh looks so delish OMG look at all this decadent Ikura egg
would you just check out this indulgent Ikura lets pair it with some rice…. when you look at it now it reminds me of curry the tiny eggs pop in your mouth
and it melds together with the warm rice… I can’t stop!! a perfect combination with seaweed I also have some wasabi
can you even see it? wasabi is delish I love the Aosa seaweed flavor in this soup
I really love Aosa alright now, its time for a super indulgent spoonful of only Ikura egg its my first time ever having so much Ikura egg at once
~Livin’ the dream~ I really love the herbal taste of the Ooba perilla leaf I keep getting people telling me to watch out for my
clothes getting all lopsided like this since I’ve got this one arm raised to eat
my shirts have a natural tendency to shift down on this side ~but I’ll be watching out for it~ I’ve got so much Ikura eggs that they’re about to fall off.. correction: they’re falling off last mouthful itadakimasu all done
gochisosamadeshita this Ikura bowl was absolutely delish
just once in my life I wanted to eat a mountain of Ikura like this and today one of my dreams has come true jeez 1kg of Ikura eggs…. I wonder exactly how many fish
all those eggs would have become? it hurts my soul to have eaten so many
of these tiny little salmon before they had a chance to grow we must always be thankful for our food
~thank you always~ I am so very deeply happy this was absolutely delish won’t you guys give it a try? and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this
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  1. 塩分過多とかはいつも何も思わんけどいくらって食べすぎると痛風になるんじゃないっけ?痛風はこわい。。

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