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【MUKBANG】 Colorful Salmon Roe Rice Bowl Using Golden Salmon Roe!! [7500kcal] [CC Available]

【MUKBANG】 Colorful Salmon Roe Rice Bowl Using Golden Salmon Roe!! [7500kcal] [CC Available]

hello it’s kinoshita yuka today… jaaan… i made a 2 colors salmon roe rice bowl using golden salmon roe the yellow thing here is golden salmon roe from Yamame salmon salmon roe go down to ocean in spring time… that’s why it can’t eat any crabs or prawns, what preserve its eggs from becoming red that’s why it’s yellow the surrounding salmon roe is a normal one the dish is ready but let’s see first how we made it let’s make 2 colors salmon roe rice bowl jaaan! this is the golden salmon roe it’s yellow and this is beautiful this is not the right place to put it in but I would like to put it in the middle to make it easier to distinguish and here the normal salmon roe aaah !! let’s cut the leaves let’s put it in the edge and we add some wasabi jaaa! we did it looks so yummy salmon roe is so beautiful isn’t that it was so easy to make and this is amazing itadakimasu we are going to use some soy sauce and today’s soup is chicken and lotus root soup let’s start with the golden salmon roe what a nice color mmmmm ! it’s popping up in your mouth and the taste is strong and here the normal salmon roe a lot of it mmmm! rich with flavor but the previous one is much more huge the 2 colors mmmmm ! salmon roe rice bowl is really yummy, isn’t that ! mmmm! truly delicious ! this is really the best let’s try the soup the taste of chicken is strong and the lotus root is crispy and delicious mmmmm ! Yamame normally grows to around 20-30cm. what makes its eggs huge mmmm! yummy ! wasabi goes so well with salmon roe the salmon roe that pops up in your mouth is so much fun exploads with flavors but the golden one exploads more, and its flavors are stronger salmon roe sparkling and brilliance is very beautiful the last bite, itadakimasu mmmm! we did it ! gochisousamadeshita 2 colors salmon roe rice bowl using golden salmon roe was so tasty salmon roe goes so well with rice its texture is so good and it pops up, the taste is strong and was really yummy and because it was so tasty, why you don’t try this as well ? and as always thank you for watching if there’s anything You want me to do please tell me in a comment Section below if you like this video please hit the like And subscribe buttons and i wish for everyone happy and tasty day ! bye bye all rights reserved. copyright © 2018 Kinoshita Yuka

100 comments on “【MUKBANG】 Colorful Salmon Roe Rice Bowl Using Golden Salmon Roe!! [7500kcal] [CC Available]

  1. ゆうかちゃんが食べてるのを見てるだけで毎日いろんな物食べてる気分になれます。本当に羨ましい。食べ物にお金かけたいけどかけられないからありがたい

  2. Hola yuka, me gusto mucho tu vídeo. Gracias hermosa, te quiero mucho. Adiós yuka. 😃😆😋😍😘👌✌👋👍👏❤❤❤❤❤

  3. 3/4 of the female population sweat, stress, worry, train hard, diet even harder, put off food just to loose few pounds… At the same time, somwhere in Japan, there is a slim lady who eats 7500kcal per meal every day…

  4. 宮崎で有名な桝元ラーメンを食べて見てほしぃです!辛いラーメンですが、こんにゃく麺でとても美味しいです!

  5. 少し見ていない間にゆうかさんがさらに大人っぽくなった

  6. ゆうかさん「最後のひとくちでーす!」


  7. yuka kinoshita. probably the first original mukbang. ive been watching mukbang randomly then started wondering wth happened to you. so glad ur still here – subscribed

  8. いくら好きだから食べてみたいです!私だったらどこまで食べれるんでしょうかね笑笑😁

  9. 일본인들 단체로 뭔일있냐 악플 오지게 다네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 유우카씨 저런사람들 신경쓰지말아요 화이팅

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