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【MUKBANG】What A Strange Bird! Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher’s Tuna Mackerel Rice Bowl [CC Available]]

Hello its kinoshita yuka today ! Jan ! this here… it’s a bird that called blue-gray gnatcatcher ! did you noticed its eyebrows ? – -You can check the videos on my seconde channel “YukaKinoshita 2nd” as well , and thank you –
i discovered this blue-gray gnatcatcher bird while checking the net-news and i liked the picture that i saw so much that’s why i thought today to make a plate for it ! and that’s what we’ll do ! so i drew this picture here in a foreign forum… they used this picture of the blue-gray gnatcatcher… to write their articles there ! for this blue-gray gnatcatcher bird… it’s a gnatcatcher that live in both north and south america its back with a blue-gray color, and a gray tail ! and 12 CM in tall and in the breeding season, the front head goes black that’s why the eyebrows looks like they meet in the middle and if you are interested about this article i will put the link in the description check it, if you please ! and now, let’s start the preparation ! the procedure ! let’s start by making the rice ! i have 7 cups for today ! vinegar! sugar ! salt ! and now let’s make the gnatcatcher ! let’s use the rice for the belly hay ! you can’t see that well because of the white belly but it’s ok ! and for the colored part, i’m going to use the mackerel and the seaweed for various things ! now i’m working to make the eyes more visible ! and i used the rice for the sparkle of the eyes ! i’ll use the cheese for the beak, because i couldn’t find anything better and after that, the eyebrows, the most important thing for more visibility i surrounded it with rice ! the feathers… and the feet! that’s a little bit messy ! and we’ll surrounded it with the tuna and decorate it by chrysanthemum cute ! we’ll add the beefsteak plant as decoration as well and for the the branch, we use the green onion ! i think the salmon is better for the beak ! but it’s orange a little bit I also added the salmon to the parties ! this how it looks like ! Jan ! we made it ! and this time i have 1Kg of the red dashi itadakimasu i like making this kinds of things a lot it’s so fun ! hay ! let’s start with the tuna mmmm ! like expected, the taste is so delicious ! So, let’s start with the head mackerel ! mmmmmmm ! since i ate the sashimi , i didn’t bought it at all and to eat once again, it’s really delicious thing its taste is stronger a little bit than the sashimi because it’s salty and pickled, the texture is quite different and the salmon is coherent and tasty ! mmmmmm ! my body is shivering because of the salmon and now with the most elegant thing, the eyebrows mmmmmm ! it get destroyed ! for the belly, it’s just a rice the gnatcatcher bird is not here anymore ! the last bite, itadakimasu mmmm ! we did it ! gochisousamadeshita ! Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher’s Rice Bowl was so delicious it’s been awhile, but the mackerel still delicious it’s really amazing to see such birds with unibrow i want to see it ! and the making of Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher’s Rice Bowl was so fun and tasty ! and as always thanks for watching… and if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe button bye bye ! All rights reserved to kinoshita yuka ©2017

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