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まぐろ投げ Tuna Tossing

Hey, kids and welcome to PDRsan’s Rubbish Bin I’m sorry for making two app videos in a row but the last one was soooooo bad So today I will be playing Tuna Tossing Wait This guy it’s Murofushi (Japanese hammer thrower) Do you guys remember Murofushi? wow I can see the back No! Old man!!!! What? When did Murofushi win the gold medal at the Olympics? 2004 How many years ago is that? 11 Old man!!!!!!! Let’s do this Hey Don’t ignore Click the buttons on the side alternately to spin Press the throw button to throw your tuna Try to throw in when you’re in the middle to get a higher score Sometimes you will start the game with something that’s not a tuna collect all 16 of them Okay That score was pretty shit…one more time YES Fly back to the sea! You’re going home!!!! Tuna got home 😀 Let’s see if I can unlock any of the secret things Baguette XD Oh, wow the baguette can fly Back to your home the desert!!! Wow the baguette is pretty amazing That was Tuna Tossing It’s not really new and amazing but I enjoyed it so I give this app 1 latte Nyan Point The world is full of crappy apps if you know of any please let me know !!!(^-^) I found out that every year in Australia they have a tuna tossing competition… Humans are fucking weird

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