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吴亦凡KrisWu 怕鱼不吃鱼 | Scared of fish 【CUTE】

吴亦凡KrisWu 怕鱼不吃鱼 | Scared of fish 【CUTE】

Do you know what Kris doesn’t eat? Oh I know, he doesn’t eat parsley and fish correct? yes, correct Why you don’t like to eat parsley and fish? fish is delicious, parsley smells good I don’t think so I really think it’s not delicious Is this fish? Why don’t we just take this It just stay there, i felt a little afraid really? feeling panic you really look like you are afraid of fish I don’t see anything here You can come down and look for it Come down=FISH *one step two step* eat everything, meat, fish, i eat everything oh, not fish I don’t like to eat fish don’t know why, just doesn’t like it since i was a kid Since Fanfan come to mushroom house for 1 hour scared of fish scared of water scared of frog

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