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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


It all begins in 2016. Penjie was jealous of those who had dogs. I came here in the December of 2017. Hug me! I learnt how to shake hands in trade for food. Rumor has it that I gained 250 g per day. 3-month old 4-month old 5-month old 6-month old 7-month old Months later I grew so fast,
Months later I grew so fast, that…. I don’t even know how big I am. I thought I could fit in the chair. Dawang! Who told you to sit on this armchair? But you didn’t say I couldn’t sit here either. The chair is a little small for me. Let me try again. I really can’t fit in. Let me in. Come in from the door. The window is too small. Let me see if I can go out. No, I can’t. I see myself as a small puppy, but Penjie was always knocked down by me. Penjie wouldn’t let me appear in the video. But I can squeeze myself in. Squeeze Squeeze again I’m just passing by. I’m just looking around. Can you see me? Happy Puppy Kinda Boring Watch out! You just stepped on me! What are you doing? Smells good. The fish smells good too. Give me something to eat. Here’s a camera. I see myself as a baby puppy. I need some hugs when I’m angry. I need some hugs when I’m happy. I need some hugs when I don’t feel like walking. I like to have Penjie play with me. Back off. Ouch! You hit my nose. Okay, Okay, I won’t hit you again. Sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I said I’m sorry. Happy Puppy More scratch, more. What are you doing? I prefer spicy foods, but I can accept sweet foods as well. Barbecue Yummy! Deep-fried flowers Crispy! Flower cake Boving bone I can’t control my drool. Chicken leg bone Pork tripe Various kinds of bones My teeth are still growing. Gnawing a bone is too hard for me. The marrow is the best. I wanna eat too! Noodles – You don’t eat noodles. – No, I do. Spicy indeed. I’ll eat everything up cause it’s so yummy! Corn Baba It’s tastier when you feed me.
Corn Baba It’s tastier when you feed me. Let me try. Corns are yummy. I can’t wait. Crispy! But I’m also picky about foods. The egg with anthelmintic inside. No! No! No! Too sour. Yuck! Bugs? No, thanks. Not even cooked bugs. Besides food, I also enjoy bathing. As long as there’s water, I will take a bath. Dawang! Happiest Dog Ever Be good. So happy. It’s too hot. The flow is too large. Well, who am I? Grain sprouts are yummy. Let’s party! Party in another river! Superb! Make way! I can swim. Leave me alone. I feel good. Nice. The flow is too large! Besides eating and bathing, I have lots of things to do. Carrying the basket. Let me help you. The basket dropped itself. Picking flowers. Let me help you. Wiggling and dancing. Hopping and skipping. Catching the hens. I’m coming! Let me help you. Catching the goose. Slow motion. I tried very hard! Let me help! Penjie, rise and shine! Let me help you. Picking up corns. Let me press the bags. I’m working really hard sorting the corn peels. Naughty dog. Helping herding the cattle. Including cattle raised by others. We look similar. Guarding so no cats can eat secretly. Do not eat the pork secretly. Dawang is very brave. I’m not scared. Witness butchering the annual hog. Fight with cows. Pigs raised by others. It’s not fair! Come out and fight! Come out! Climbing on steep stairs. I can walk on the rooftop. I’m very steady. Leave me alone. I’m a bit sleepy.Talk to you later.

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  1. Ur dog is too cute…but if you love your dog…then why you eat others pigs, chicken, anything….they all have same feeling , same emotions, …please being vegetarian….it is good for other living beings on earth…

  2. Wow.. just wow! Thank you, #DianxiXiaoge for sharing Dawang's video.. I so Love it!.. From: Seattle, Washington of U.S.A. watcher & subscriber.

  3. 嗨,我想問你會不會英語,我希望是的,你是最酷的,最酷的,愛神,你的狗也很遠,請回答

  4. English translation would be nice. Otherwise nice videos. Also maybe name of ingredients along with amounts used in videos.

  5. Thank you for making a video on Dawang and his adventures! He is a beautiful dog! You are lucky to have him and him to have you.

  6. I love that puppy so much, I smiled the entire video. He’s such a good boy! You have a beautiful life and I’m proud of you young lady ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Finally what Im wishing for! Dawang's video OMG! I love u Dawang youre a cute huge teddy bear! I love you Dianxi and fam!

  8. Dawanggggg my lovely medsos doggie..
    Dawangggg.. sayang Dawangg.. sayang Dawanggg..
    always health and cute for Dawang ! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  9. Thank you so much for featuring Dawang. I really like looking at him coz he's so cuute for a big dog lol. I hope you can feature more videos of him. love lots<3 <3 <3

  10. "Хозяйка, я корову погонял, гусей тоже достал, до свиней не добрался и в зерне тоже поспал, дай мне косточку, много косточек"😂 хулиган, 30 кг безумия и веселья. Замечательный пёс 🤩

  11. 大王 爱❤❤❤ 아 진짜 이 똥강아지 귀여워서 어떡하냐ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 오래오래 아푼언니랑 행복하게 살아줘 따왕 건강하고 즐겁고 사랑 많이 받으면서 살아..!! 어구 귀여워 어구 귀여워

  12. 자막 달아주시는 분 너무 감사해요😊 덕분에 늘 잘 보고 있어요!
    따왕 너무 귀여워❤️❤️❤️

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