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漬けマグロの寿司タコス | Organic Junk

漬けマグロの寿司タコス | Organic Junk

Welcome back to OrganicJunk,
I am C-na. I have a Question. when you hear Sushi, which comes to your mind the first,
Western-style Sushi? Edomae-Sushi? I love both them a lot. But a lot of Japanese people don’t know the taste of Western-sytle Sushi because there is no occasion to try it in Japan. So I really want to spread around Western-style Sushi, and you know this is the first video for that. By the way, this part is
for Marinade Lliquid. Soy sauce, mirin, cooking sake,
simmer them. Then, minced ginger, garlic on.
Let it cool. Making Kinshi-Tamago.
It is like shredded thin egg sheets. Put neutral oil evenly and control the temperature with a wet towel
like making scrambled egg. Don’t make the pan piping hot. Poor and spread it thinly. Put the lid, turn down. After about a minute, gently flip it.
Don’t break and make burnt part. Cut off its edge and cut it like cutting Soba noodle. Alright, prep. diced tuna. I prefer lean tuna like Akami to rich tuna,
just for texture. Then, marinade them in your fridge for 1 hour. Next, grind Nori and make Nori powder. All-purpose flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt Nori powder in, combine them well. Lukewarm water
about 70% amount of dry ingredients. Add shortening, non-hydrogenated one.
Combine them well and knead it until smooth and elastic. Let it take a rest for 30
minutes. While, prepare sushi rice, Sumeshi. Salt, sugar and rice vinegar Splash on, and mix it. Shape the dough into
bowls Press them one by one make the perfect circle tortillas. Heat your pan without oil Toast the Tortillas lightly Then, deep-fry them! While deep-flying, shape them into taco shells. You can make sushi Taco as you like.
But I will show you my favorite one First, sushi rice Sumeshi on some slices of
avocado fresh and natural cream cheese marinated diced tunas pulled boiled crab frying fish roe, Tobikko and sprinkle sesame seeds Actuary, I should have put egg before avocado,
it doesn’t matter though. Alright, chop some scallions, and sprinkle on.
That’s it!! You listened? How crunchy!
It’s really Awesome, isn’t it? if you liked it, Thumbs Up please and Don’t forget to subscribe
my channel, OrganicJunk well, Dig In!!

17 comments on “漬けマグロの寿司タコス | Organic Junk

  1. サムネ見たときはイカスミでも入ってんのか!?と思ってたら

  2. OrganicJunk / オーガニックジャンク
    you're a fucking lunatic with no appreciation nor respect for food or Japanese culture.
    you are just like a dumb kid playing with food and turning it into garbage.
    Individually the starving children in the world could've
    eaten those food but no, you just had to fucking mix everything up and make it unedible didn't you?

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