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炸鯪魚球 Fried Mud Carp Fish Balls (Eng. Subtitle)

炸鯪魚球 Fried Mud Carp Fish Balls (Eng. Subtitle)

I am going to cook a fried mud carp fish balls main ingredients including mud carp fish meat here is 580g mud carp fish meat basically I need after I purchased mud carp fish meat I will add spring onion and coriander happened I found this fish meat at market that already mixed with spring onion and coriander of course I bought this one, saved me effort in addition, there is 350g half lean and half pork minced pork some dried mushroom and dried shrimps for the dried shrimps, soak them into water for about half and hour to prepare the fish ball, first of all, put the pork and then fish meat I need a shallot cut up the shallot like this just like this dump the tip I need small pieces, I will cut here, one two, three four. try the best it will become small pieces dump the root, that’s it the chopped shallot are put into the meat how to handle the mushroom? cut into thin strip then small pieces cut thin slide like it then cut into pieces just like this as small as possible mushrooms have been chopped into small pieces the same put them into the meat for the dried shrimps after soaking in water, chop them into small pieces this is how to chop them after some effort, the dried shrimps are done same to put them into the meat next is to do seasoning ah, someone are very gentle, use spoon or chopsticks to mix the seasoning I am not a gentleman of course use a simple but not gentle way use my hand, of course I wash it first what to put? tiny little salt basic favour the fish meat has been seasoned by the fishmonger it is slightly salty then a little bit of sugar tiny little, I prefer black pepper tiny li9ttle black pepper, if you prefer white pepper it doesn’t matter tiny little corn starch a little bit of soy sauce a little bit of oyster sauce a little bit of Chinese yellow wine (Shao Hsing Hua Tiao Chiew) a little bit of sesame oil ok, it is about right mix two meats well if you want the texture more sticky you have to throw the meat to the bowl it will make the texture more sticky and firm but the throwing will easily mess up so throw gently just throw like this for a few minutes, doesn’t matter how many, up to you to start frying fish balls first of all, heat up some oil, must use the oil suitable for high heat don’t use olive oil I am using sunflower seeds oil the oil temperature should be at 180 degrees centigrade but I don’t have thermometer for measuring oil temperature but my mom taught me a method use a spring onion when it floats the temperature is about right, it floats so temperature is right this temperature is okay I then start to fry the fish meat balls use spoon to make a ball shape put into the oil let them fry, make sure the centre of each ball is well done as there is pork mixed with fish, must let the centre well cooked to make ball shape there is a way use a spoon to take some meat, then use another spoon to help to slightly push then use two spoons to move the ball into the oil, and it will form a ball shape fry until golden brown each one fry about about 5 to 10 minutes it should be well done because the oil temperature is very high take it out when it is ok use a kitchen paper to absorb oil basically, they have been all fried I will fry them for the 2nd time it will make them more crispy and less oily heat up the oil again then fry again but my pan is not very big so I can’t fry them all together, the best is to fry them all so the only way fry them batch by batch the oil is very hot just fry again like this very strong heat they can be taken out quickly ok, all have been fried take them all out they should not be too oily after 2nd frying all the fish balls shall be put on top of lettuce it would be very nice place them all is ok Very nice! To make it even look better it shall be topped with some coriander for decoration done this fried mud carp fish balls is ready and can be served

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