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簡單!香香鮭魚炒飯/Easy&Tasty! Salmon Fried Rice |MASAの料理ABC

簡單!香香鮭魚炒飯/Easy&Tasty! Salmon Fried Rice |MASAの料理ABC

Hi everyone, I’m MASA. Today, I’d like to teach you how to
make delicious fried rice. It’s called [Japanese] Kongari shake chahan Easy & Tasty! Salmon Fried Rice There are many styles of fried rice. We Japanese like to eat fried rice as well. In today’s recipe, I will use salmon. If you process many salmons all at a time, it will be convenient for you to cook many dishes while including the salmon as ingredient. Alright, let’s get started. (1 salmon) (Normally you can find pin bones here) (Pull out the bones) (Cut into half first) (Remove the bone in the middle) (Remove the skin) (Cut into small pieces) (Sprinkle some salt on the plate) (Place salmon pieces on the plate) (Sprinkle some more salt on them) (Salted for about 15 minute) (Shimeji mushrooms~50 g) (Keep the stem first) (Dice them) (Remove the stem) (Tear the bottom part apart) (1 leaf of lettuce) (Cut into thin threads first) (Cut into small pieces) (1 egg) (Some salt) (Stir evenly) [Cooking Tips] Salt helps to season the salmon, drain out water and get rid of fishy smells. (Use kitchen paper or cloth to wipe out water on the surface) [Cooking Tips] It may cost you some time to process the salmon… but once you prepare them in advance and store in the freezer, [Cooking Tips] You can use them as ingredient anytime. You can add them into not only fried rice, but also pasta, risotto and soup. Take out only the amount you need [Cooking Tips] Thaw for a while & put them into the sauce or mix them into the fried ingredients to heat up. (A bit of oil) (Put to medium heat) (Egg liquid) [Cooking Tips] Medium heat is enough, just let the egg absorb oil gradually. (Pan-fry until half done and pour it out) (Put to medium-low heat) (Diced & seasoned salmons) (Sear to golden brown color) (Sear the salmon until cooked through & pour out) (Butter~ 1/2 tsp) (Put to medium heat) (Diced Shimeji mushrooms) (Stir-fry until golden brown) (Steamed rice~about 150 g) [Cooking Tips] Both warm rice and cold rice are ok! (Spread them evenly) (Put the fried egg back) [Cooking Tips] Press the egg a bit in order to let out the oil absorbed previously. [Cooking Tips] By doing so, the steamed rice will be spread out easily! (Seared salmon) (Spread them evenly) (lettuce) (Turn to high heat) [Cooking Tips] Lettuce has high water content, so cook over high heat to prevent from having too much water. (Soy sauce~about 2 tsp) [Cooking Tips] Drizzle around the fry pan to create nicely burnt scent of soy sauce! (Salt and pepper) (Turn off the heat) Ok, here is a plate of delicious, savory salmon fried rice. (White sesame) Oh, the fried rice smells soooo good. Let’s dig in. Beautiful green & pink-orange. [Japanese] Dewa Itadakimasu The salmon smells really good. Honestly. Salmon has its own oil. By stir-frying the salmon, its oil will flow out adding smooth texture to the whole rice, mushroom combination. Also, I stir-fry shimeji mushrooms with butter. Thus, the butter aroma of shimeji is adding another flavor to the fried rice. You can enjoy many layers of flavor in one plate. [Packing of the rest of “IQF” salmon] [Cooking Tips] IQF=Individual Quick Freezing [Cooking Tips] Freeze the diced salmon separately, so it’s easy to control the amount usage! [Cooking Tips] You can store them for about 3 weeks. ^^b Alright, today’s fried rice recipe is really easy. If you’re interested in it, please give it a try. Thank you. (If you like this video, please press Like &
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