Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More
고양이가 생선을 통째로 훔쳐 갔어요!

고양이가 생선을 통째로 훔쳐 갔어요!

Oh my… (Laughing) POK! Lulu: Hi! Lulu: I’m Lulu… (Groaning) (Groaning) (Groaning) You came to see it? Let’s play with mommy. You’re all here! Today we’re gonna play ‘the fish’ together. (Laughing) Momo’s looking at it with big eyes. You want the fish in? Do you? Ugh… What is this? Take a look. Oh, yummy… No. Cute Nimo! I’ll put it into the water. One, two~ PONG! Interesting, isn’t it? Why are you drinking water by the way? (Laughing) Ta-da~ Do you like it? Chairman Momo. Momo: Is this for sashimi? No! (lol) Lulu. Lulu: Huh? Sniff sniff… Lulu: I smell fish. Here we go! One, two… Splash! (Laughing) Wow~ Wanna catch it? Oops! Don’t shake off water to me, kitty. (Toy’s moving) There you go! (Laughing) You look so funny… (lol) Chairman Momo. Chairman Momo. Momo: I just can not chew it. Momo: This live fish reminds me of Momo: the old time… Momo: Oh… Momo: That old time… Momo: I was young and powerful. (Laughing) Oh.. Then what about these days? Momo: I think I feel blue in fall. Momo: Well… Momo: Get me some health food. (Laughing) Wow.. you say “Get me some health food” staring at the camera… What health food do you want? Momo: Yesterday I saw you putting something in the fridge… Did you? Momo Yes. Is it for me? (lol) Nope… Momo: I’ll be waiting.. Waiting for what? Momo: Stamina! (Laughing) (Opening the fridge) (Surprised) What is this?? Huh? What is this? Lala, Lulu: Meow. (Laughing) Is that you who made that sound? Ugh~ You’re so pretty~ I’ll cook it for you. (Laughing) Hey! (Laughing) It’s smelly~ Let’s scrape the scales off a fish~ I’ll cook it for you, kitties. Hey~ (Tap water flowing) (Washing dishes) (Washing dishes) (Laughing) Oh my… (Laughing) You! (Laughing) I can’t trust you any more… I’m gonna grill this fish. Ta-da! Ta-da! It won’t take long~ (Tick Tock) Kitty! Wow! Are you waiting for it? Are you waiting until it’s cooked? Come here, I’ll get you something fun. Let’s go! Let’s go, sweetie~ I’ll give you this fish. It’s more expensive! Ta-da! Here it is! It’s yours! Yeah~ It’s a fish! You like it? Have fun with it. Let me help. Oh! Oh! (lol) Here! Purr, purr, purr~ Bite it! Yeah! Kick it! Oh! (Laughing) You’re tough, sweetie! (lol) (Cooking) (♬) Oh, it’s done. Let’s see… (Boiling) (WOW) Wow, it’s cooked so well…! Terrific! (Closing the basket) Kitties, Look! I cooked the fish! Lulu: Meow~ Here! Oh~ Wow~~~ Wow, take a look at this. Oh! Ta-da! Look! How is it? (Laughing) Oh~ (Laughing) I’ll remove the fish bones. Here! Is it good? (Wow) You seem to like it so much! I’ll remove the fish bones. Hold on. Wait for a moment. I’ll be right back. Wait~ What are you doing? (Laughing) Wait! (Laughing) What did you just do? You guys… (lol) I can’t believe it… Wow… (Laughing) TT! TT! Did you eat the tail? Lulu: Grrr~ Oh my… (lol) You… (lol) Hey! Hey! What a mess… (Laughing) Hold on! I’m getting rid of the fish bones. What are you waiting for, DD? Are you waiting for food? You ate it before. You gotta chew it. You always need my hand, don’t you? DD! Here! Here. DD. DD: Gurrr.. He’s sulking… (Laughing) Why are you turning back on me, kitty?

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