Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

고양이들을 진짜 흥분하게 만드는 순간

Ta-da! Got ready! (Laughing) You guys look even cuter! Look at you! I’m gonna wake up kitties. I know how to wake them up. (Opening a can) (Laughing) Hey… Hold on, hold on. Wait! I can not open it if you do like this. What a mess… Oops! Wait! I’ll open it up soon. You all can have it. They’re getting too excited. Hold on. I’ll do it for you. I’ll give you separately, kitties. Hold on. I’ll share it for you. It’s not ‘1 can for each kitty’. It’s ‘2 spoons for each kitty’. Wait in the room. Let me finish this. Come here. Get in the room. Kitties. Here. Let’s get in the room~ Get in. Wait here. I’ll bring it to you when it’s done. (Laughing) Kitties, wait for a moment. It’s almost done. Gotta mash up before I give. Kitties… Ta-da! Treats! I hear bird’s singing from somewhere. Ta-da! Huh? Chuchu… (lol) You were there, Chuchu! Oh… Chuchu… Were you there? Wait a minute. It won’t take so long. Oh~ (lol) I hear something like bird’s singing. Wait. Let me mash it before you eat. Looks yummy! (Surprised) Oh my…! (lol) Did you jump, sweetie? Hold on. You jumped! Amazing! So cute! Hold on. Amazing… Now you can jump high, honey. Wow. You’re amazing. Can you jump high now? Jump… lol OK, OK. I’ll call you. Enjoy it here, Chuchu. I’ll bring other kitties. Ta-da! Got ready! (Laughing) You guys look even cuter! I’ll open the door. Go get your bowls. One, two, PONG! Let’s go! Huh? DD! (lol) He didn’t get his own. Help yourself~ You think Coco is easier? What are you doing there, kitty? Kitty! Kitty! (Laughing) (Laughing) You know it’s there? Clean the bowls, kitties. Help me. (lol) Cute… You gotta clean it up, kitty! (Opening a can) Ah… It’s mine. (Laughing) It’s not what you think, huh? No? No? He got upset!

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