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고양이들이 킹크랩을 만났어요!

고양이들이 킹크랩을 만났어요!

It looks delicious! (Laugh) What are you doing here? (Laugh) Where have you come from? (Laugh) (Box Open) Are you wondering what this is? I can smell the crab! You’re an amazing kitty! (Laugh) You smell so well. How could you know before I open this box? You also? Can you smell it? LuLu: Oh! It smells! I smelled it too. Wait! Even I have nose problem, I can smell it! Ta-da! Hello? Here’s my breakfast! Hello, Dr. CoCo? CoCo: Hmm… CoCo: This species.. No. Well… It is called as ‘King Crab’. It is also known as ‘Mommy’s Breakfast’. LuLu~ Ta-da! Now you became a kitty who can wait! ‘Help!’ (Laugh) ‘Help!’ (Laugh) Are you scared? Did you run away? (Laugh) Are you going to stay there hiding? Awww, pity boy! (Laugh) This is for mommy! One, two! Ta-da! This is the biggest dish that I have. No, don’t go in there! (Scream) Your paws would smell like fish! I should wash this. Then, I would use the chopstick. That would be the best way, I believe. Hey! You’re so into mommy’s breakfast! One, two! Gosh! (Laugh) This dish is too small for this king crab. Okay… I’ll put these legs first… It doesn’t work. Whatever. Let’s go, kitties! Ta-da! Breakfast! Breakfast~ Breakfast time~ Yay! Breakfast! (Laugh) It must be delicious! (Laugh) I should break the outter part first. I’ll try it now. Licking wouldn’t work. I put the gloves. Do you see? You must be surprised by mommy’s strength. (Crack) (Crack) (Crack) (Laugh) (Cut) Wow! It looks really delicious! (Laugh) What are you doing here? (Laugh) How could you come between my legs? (Laugh) It goes round and round~ (Laugh) Round and round, then it goes to mommy’s mouth! (Laugh) (Laugh) (Eating Noise) (Laugh) Hey! (Laugh) Don’t steal the crab! (Laugh) Kitty! (Laugh) Gosh! Hello, TT? No… Mommy…. Huh? Wow. Oh! Oh! (Laugh) Mommy’s grooming the crab. And my TT groom mommy’s arm! (Laugh) Why are you doing that, TT? This is not for kitties. Mommy would… (Eating Noise) (Laugh) Where has it gone? (Eating Noise) Only the shell is left! My kitties come one by one. Hey… Why are you so curious about my breakfast? There’s an old saying that.. ‘Crab for breakfast.’ Have you heard of it? It looks delicious, doesn’t it? No! You should not eat this. Huh? This is not for kitties. What are you doing there? Hmm… What? What do you see there? (Laugh) Come here, kitty! (Laugh) It’s hard to eat, right? (Laugh) You don’t know how to eat, do you? I’ll put this away. Hey! (Laugh) Hey! You should not eat too much. Only small bite, okay? Only one little piece. That’s it, ChuChu. Look at LaLa! How calm she is? Am I right? Here! It doesn’t really work. Hey!! Gosh! (Laugh) Gosh! (Laugh) Nope! Come here! Your front paws! Put your paws on here. Come here! (Laugh) You should step on the paper. Paper! That’s right. Right. Now, please go. Okay. Are you sad? I’ll give you treats after I finish my meal. Treats. Okay, my LaLa? Mommy’s done with breakfast! Hold on. Look at this. This is ‘Tuna and Lobster’ flavor! Mommy brought the crab for kitties. Alright. (Laugh) Here’s ‘Tuna and Lobster’ flavored treat! I’m sorry that I had king crab alone. I said I’m sorry. (Laugh) I’m sorry! Now, it’s your turn. Here! Awww.. Okay! (Laugh) You should share with the other kitties! Your brothers should have it too. How about you, DD? Do you not like it? Oops, I’m sorry. I think DD likes ‘chicken’ flavored one. TT should have it! TT! Gosh! Don’t be too aggressive! You should share with the others! Here! Do you not like it? I’ll give you ‘chicken’ flavor after! TT! TT! (Laugh) Let’s see what you’re trying to do. Gosh! (Laugh) (Laugh) Don’t do that again! (Laugh) Oh, gosh! (Laugh) Mommy’ll throw this away now.

100 comments on “고양이들이 킹크랩을 만났어요!

  1. You should give them treats some other way doesn’t seem right how they all have to push over it….especially with that fat ass lulu greedy stubby cat.

  2. 전에는 싫어하더니 이번엔 다들 먹고 싶어하넹 ㅋㅋ 귀요미들 츄츄 앞발 모으고 츄르 먹는 거 넘 귀엽당~

  3. at the difference of Suri noel family mr butler doesn't give crab and poulp at his cats because his respect for species is proved.

  4. 루랑이 1년전엔 킹크랩 안먹더니..이젠 먹으려고 드네요 ㅋㅋㅋ이젠 으른 입맛으로 바뀐거뉘?!

  5. I'm just thinking no wonder TT oftently fell sick, sometimes she looks grumpy, and doesn't want to eat.

    I think it's due to anothet cats' behaviors, such as Lulu. I keep seeing Lulu being aggressive, takes the treat and food of others, and places such as cat towers too. I am not cat expert, but I remember what the vet said. Even if Claire installed new cat tower, if it still occupied by other cats, still it would make TT feeling unsafe since she doesn't have her own territory.

    Or maybe Claire can gives treat with separate group of cats. Lulu can be at the same time with Lala. DD, Momo, and Coco. Then the gentle soft fluffy cute Chuchu can be with a sensitive and gentle but firm one like TT.

  6. 라라 너무 귀엽다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 라라야ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 너무귀여워 사랑해 라라야ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  7. 2:54
    무시무시한 힘.. 그렇습니다. 우린 다시금 기억해야합니다. 이 집사는 랍스터의 집게도 부숴버렸다는걸요.

  8. 귀엽네요~ 요즘 킹크랩 값이 떨어졌다는 말 들었는데 맛나보여요~ 혹시 둔둔마켓에 "새로운 굿즈 – 그리드 노트"는 언제쯤 입고 예정인가요? 이번에 노트랑 이것저것 사려는데 한번에 구매해서 배송비를 줄여보려 합니다~ 아시는 분 댓글 달아주세요~

  9. Claire you should take one cat each to a room so they can actually have the correct portion Lulu and Lala have to eat too much and the rest have to little

  10. 새로 산 헤드폰으로 듣다가 집사님 웃음소리가 서라운드로 들려서 놀랬어욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  11. 대체 뭐하자고 이런거 찍는거지? 고양이 약올리는게 재밌나요?
    이런 영상은 킹크랩 고양이한테 줘도 욕먹고 안줘도 욕먹는거 모르세요?

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