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고양이와 금붕어 어항 꾸미기 – 고양이들 반응

고양이와 금붕어 어항 꾸미기 – 고양이들 반응

Soul: What is this? [Installing a fish tank with a cat] Mr.Butler: Are you surprised? Raon: I’m afraid but I’m curious Iz: Can I eat?? Mr.Butler: Huh? It’s not something to eat Iz: It can’t be eaten.. Mrs.Butler: Beautifully! Mr.Butler:Beautifully? Mr.Butler: Come on! Goldfish ~ Mr.Butler: No, no. Mr.Butler: No Don’t go out! Mr.Butler: ㅎㅎ; It’s going to get hurt. Mr.Butler: Oh. done! Mr.Butler: Hey. come out! Mr.Butler: (Hugh) It’s done Mr.Butler:come here Mr.Butler: Do not come out! Mr.Butler: Soul, do not come too close ~ Mr.Butler: Why aren’t u coming out? Mr.Butler: He’s kinda fat Mr.Butler: Why arern’t they coming out.. Mr.Butler: come out Mr.Butler: I’m done. Mr.Butler: I put it all in. Mr.Butler: The fish is in. Mr.Butler: Is it amazing? Mr.Butler: Completed! Mr.Butler: JYan~ Mr.Butler: Soul Mr.Butler: Do not bother! Soul: Will you play with me? Mr.Butler: It is blocked ~ Mr.Butler: Upper’s blocked ? Suri: It’s a picture of rice cake.(It’s a kind of idiom in Korea it means that you can’t get it even if you like it since it’s in the picture.Same as “Pie in the sky”)

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  3. this video made me so happy, lmao. your cats are so well behaved and sweet! they seem very inquisitive and smart, i love that

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