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고양이와 낚시를 했다! 배스가 잡혔다!

고양이와 낚시를 했다! 배스가 잡혔다!

Soul : Is this for a bath? Fishing with Cats Mr Butler : Fish~ Noel : Is this today’s snack? Noel : What, it’s just toys.. Mr Butler : Oh, I caught it! Mr Butler : Oh Mr Butler : Oh, I caught it! Mr Butler : Oh, I caught it! I’ve got it! Mr Butler : Yes! Raon : Did you catch them all? Suri : There’s still one here to catch Mr Butler : There! I got them all! Mr Butler : I caught a lot, huh? Mr Butler : What do you think (?) Mr Butler : FINISH! Mr Butler : Noel, is it boring? *meow* Mr Butler : Why? Why is it boring? Noel : It’s not real (fish) Scottish Fold breed could develop a serious genetic disease.
Please think carefully before you adopt and breed them.

90 comments on “고양이와 낚시를 했다! 배스가 잡혔다!

  1. Never ever bath your cats if you let them go outside or if you have to let them in for a week after bathing them!

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  3. 집사님 혼자 즐기시는 것 같은데요..?
    고양이는 그 즐기시는 집사님을 보고 있는 것 같은데요…

  4. Very funny video,i love cats,i have more than 20 cats .Please subscribe and share my Channel.Thank you

  5. انا احب القطط الخائفة 😗😙😚☺️🥰😆😆😉😎😍😘😅🤣

  6. Счастливая жизнь у котеек! Хозяин любит, вот телевизор купил!)))

  7. М-р Батлер сам прекрасно повеселился, по-моему. А разноцветная команда очень любознательная!

  8. 안녕하세요 ^^ 실례지만 … 카메라 뭐 쓰시는지 여쭤봐도 될까요? ..

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