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금붕어들을 초대형 어항으로 이사 시켜줬어요 (feat. 수리노을 고양이들)

금붕어들을 초대형 어항으로 이사 시켜줬어요 (feat. 수리노을 고양이들)

Noel: Ungnyang~ Mr. Butler: How does it look Soul? Mr. Butler: Do you think the placements are good? Mr. Butler: Hmm? Mr. Butler: How is it? Mr. Butler: Is the placement right? Mr. Butler: Should I place things like this Iz? Mr. Butler: How does it look Iz? Mr. Butler: You think it’s good? Mr. Butler: This seems right? Mr. Butler: I put this under here Mr. Butler: I’m just gonna pour it Mr. Butler: Ok lets turn it on Mr. Butler: Oh it’s working~ Mr. Butler: Let’s get things started! Mr. Butler: No x7 Mr. Butler: Why are you there lol Soul: (meow) Mr. Butler: Soul why are you up there? Mr. Butler: Do you like it there? Soul: (meow) Mr. Butler: You like it there? Mr. Butler: Come down Mr. Butler: What are you doing? Mr. Butler: You want me to care you? Mr. Butler: I have to wait for 30 minutes Mr. Butler: Why? You want to be cared? Mr. Butler: Is it interesting Raon? Mr. Butler: You wanna smell it? Mr. Butler: Now we have to install the lid Mr. Butler: Finally, lights! Mr. Butler: We need lighting Mr. Butler: Shall we try turning on the lights? Mr. Butler: Ta dah~ Mr. Butler: Do you wanna feed the fishes Si Yeong? Kid Butler: Yes Mr. Butler: I’ll put the food here Mr. Butler: Feed the goldfish~ Kid Butler: I gave them one~ two~ Mr. Butler: You gave it two? Mr. Butler: You can’t eat the fish food Si Yeong Kid Butler: They ate the food~ Kid Butler: I’m done! Mr. Butler: Ok~ Mr. Butler: Let’s eat too~ Kid Butler: What are we eating?

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  1. 6:49 Le hacen un acercamiento al gato y debajo dice "Dios"
    . Like si tu también creiste que era su sobrenombre y no la marca de la refrigeradora. XD

  2. Love it when people properly take care of their fish, hell I have some cousins in my home country who think if they keep their turtle in this tiny ass bowl it’ll stop growing.

  3. Such beautiful cats…anyone was expecting any cat to climb on the lid at any time? cause mine would have definitly do that…WELL DONE for the beautiful tank

  4. Люблю я рыбок , но эти котики сама прелесть в этом видео !

  5. I'm glad he got the goldfish a larger environment as well as a canister filter to help clean up after these messy, dirty mini-carp.

  6. I am watching your videos for the first time and got to know you are really a nice one bro. Keep it up lots of love from India

  7. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Cats loves it💗

  8. مرحباً(Hay)انا ايلاف (l'm elaf) من السعوديه( l'm from Saudi)متابعه جديده( l'm now)ولقد احببت الفديو(and l like the's Fed's)واحببت محتوى القناة(l love your channel's and ol Fed's)

  9. 8:25 como cuando comes vegetales mientras miras un video de una buena carne… los gatos también lloran eh😑😑😑

  10. Соул или самый любопытный или больше остальных любит Батлера.

  11. здравствуйте интересные видео у вас с кошками смешно была смотреть как кошки хотели съесть рыбак

  12. Классный аквариум. А коты… ну… КОТАСТЫЕ КОТЫ. The awesome acuarium… And the Cats… It are CATTED CATS…

  13. Your many cats like to watch your goldfish, but after that your goldfishes may be eaten by cats hahaha😂

  14. Кот, вода, радуга, камни, рыбки 😸😸😸, китайцы, пальмы, обезьяны, поставить лайк под комментарием, пусть иностранцы думают что я очень что то смешное написал 👍😂

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