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대왕연어초밥 10box 먹방ASMR great king salmon sushi サーモン寿司 ซูชิแซลมอน sushi cá hồi eating sounds mukbang

대왕연어초밥 10box 먹방ASMR great king salmon sushi サーモン寿司 ซูชิแซลมอน sushi cá hồi eating sounds mukbang

Hello Today’s menu Daewang Salmon Sushi in Sammi Restaurant 10 boxes ready 9000 won per box 10 box, 90,000 won .. It’s not cheap There is a sauce on the left Whole radish sauce The salmon in the sushi is huge (Completely delicious ..) I’ve eaten here before It’s delicious, so I prepared some more This time, I’ll dip it with plenty of sauce It goes well with the horse radish sauce. (Eating now is super ginger) I put some horseradish on top I’ll eat it cleanly. Here is salmon sushi Taiwanese salmon sushi I used sauce to sell Sushi is good when there are a lot of wasabi Is it just me? Super Strength Bite I have a lot of sushi so I will eat diligently Not enough to take a bite The salmon was huge (it’s delicious) (This time, dip the sauce) The rice came out a bit (This is huge) It’s really delicious It’s too big I asked you if I was short of wasabi. Here is a piece of salmon sushi You said two pieces of sushi 30 pieces in total I think it’s 60 pieces of regular sushi (Aren’t you thinking so expensive?) Anyway, it’s really delicious The sauce on top of the sushi It’s sweet and salty (This is a horseradish poisoning ..) It looks like you’re teasing me now (White sauce is Western wasabi sauce !!) (Super ginger is Japanese kimchi ..?) The one I’m eating right now It was the biggest salmon sushi There’s a lot of salmon in your mouth I don’t think I can eat salmon. I was going to eat onions together There’s no place to put it I left it. (Slow ~) I’m here again No it was the biggest !! Than other salmon sushi The salmon was exceptionally thick The salmon is so tender it goes well (slowly) (Salmon is so delicious.) (The lips became steamy ^^) It was better to exercise and eat. Is it really big? I love eating so much in my mouth (Yes, there was cola) I’ll eat cola while drinking ^^ 27,000 won just left now … I’m sorry.. I’ll move the rest to the middle (I also have to add some wasabi) I’ll post the rest (I uploaded it all ~) After a while the super ginger falls off (Embarrassment) Pants, new clothes. I’m thinking about eating I will eat well ^^ (!) The sound is just too loud I was stopped for three seconds. (I’m so embarrassed.) There are only 3 left now (Unidentified sound) There’s a strange sound outside … But pretend nothing (I’m nervous ..) (What’s outside?) It was my first sound. (The last salmon sushi) Do you want to take the sauce? The salmon is thick until the last one It’s delicious ^^ (Ultra-high strength bite) Salmon sushi is delicious anytime I’ll eat often when it’s delivered. Then I had a good meal today

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  2. 初見です☆



  3. わさびをつまんで直接口に入れる人はじめてみた!!!笑笑

  4. 교광님은 크게 성장하실 거예요 외모가…….. 세상에 거기다 복스럽게 잘 먹어 떡상합니다

  5. カノくんの動画ばっか見てるからコーラ飲んだ後げっぷしないのかなって思って待ってしまうw

  6. Молодец ,что с переводом а так смотришь и ничего не понятно 👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Так с аппетитом кушаешь рыбу ,я тоже хочу рыбку 👍👍👍👍

  8. 寿司の多さ(しかも完食)に驚きましたが、付けるワサビの量にも驚きました…そしてこんなにも美味しそうに食べるとは!自分も見ていてお腹が空いてきました。

  9. 初見でファンになりました!

  10. うわぁぁ美味しそう…😂

    咀嚼音で 一口が小さい人より


  11. I really confused with your subtitles but anyway this video really cool my mouth is watering Lol. Love you from VietNam

  12. The english subtitles are confusing and you keep telling the same lol. “Its delicous” “its huge” “its so big” “its the biggest” LMAO
    But the foods looking good tho.

  13. ダイエット中に見るもんじゃねーな!!!美味しそうに食べてる主が可愛い🥺🥺

  14. よくある ほら!!!美味しそうでしょっ!!!✨✨ って感じのテンションじゃなくって、美味しそうだなぁ〜ってのほほんとした感じで好きかも

  15. 뭐지 이 귀여우신 나무늘보같은 분은ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 매력적이셔서 구독하구가여 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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