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수산시장에서 사온 싱싱한 회로 만드는 [[회밥(Raw fish with rice)]] 요리&먹방!! – Mukbang eating show

수산시장에서 사온 싱싱한 회로 만드는 [[회밥(Raw fish with rice)]] 요리&먹방!! – Mukbang eating show

Hello friends from YouTube ! Welcome to this channel. I’m Heungsam. I’m Heungsam’s Mom. I’m Heungsam’s Dad. Today, We prepared “Raw fish with rice” and “Spicy fish stew”. We are going to enjoy today’s menu. This soup is delicious~ We enjoyed heartily today’s menu. I’m really full. Me, too~ Too many, so I I left some. Three kinds of raw fish, plus sea squirts, so it smelled a lot of sea. And, It’s home-made “red chili paste”, so it’s not salty. If I used a shop-bought “red chili paste”, it was too salty to make it this red. The video finished here~ Thank you for watching.

100 comments on “수산시장에서 사온 싱싱한 회로 만드는 [[회밥(Raw fish with rice)]] 요리&먹방!! – Mukbang eating show

  1. 안녕하세요 흥삼입니다.
    먹방을 찍었는데 마이크가 고장이 났습니다…ㅜㅜ
    그래도 열심히 찍은 영상이고
    하루 영상을 안 올리는 것보다 나을 꺼라 생각해서
    카메라 내장마이크로 녹음된 소리를 써서 올립니다.
    죄송합니다. 빠른 시일 내에 마이크를 고쳐서 좋은 영상으로 보답하겠습니다.

    Hello, I'm Heungsam.
    I filmed an eating show, but my mike broke down…sound is not good.
    But we made this video laboriously.
    So I thought it would be better than not uploading the video today.
    I used the sound recorded by the camera's built-in microphone.
    I'm sorry. I'll fix the microphone as soon as possible and repay you with a good video.

  2. Я одно понимаю чтобы мать не готовила везде добавляет пол кило а то и больше красного,жгучего перца чили и соевый соус.

  3. 우왕~~~어머님솜씨가 일류명품이시네요 먹고싶어욤 넘잼있어요 홍삼님 최고~! 복덩이시네요~~♡♡~~

  4. 남자들은 살찌고 어머님은 왜이리 말라가세요 같은여자로써 속상하네요 흥삼씨 드시면서 눈치즘 보지마시고 어머님즘 챙겨주세요

  5. 흥삼이는 늘 흥해라 내가 기도한다~부모님 수저드시고 그다음에 먹던데 예의도 바른거같고 항상 화이팅~!

  6. 처음에 가족먹방 했었을때가 더 보기 좋은것같아요.
    가족끼리 대화도 좀 하고 드시는게 가족 식사의 진짜 의미가 아닐까 싶은데.
    말없이 드시기만 하는거보다 좋을것같네요.

  7. I must say, that this would have been a truly wonderful video , but then the mom TOTALLY RUINED IT!!! MOM you need to mind what is on ( your ) plate, and STOP 🛑 worrying about your son’s plate !!! You consistently kept reaching for his bowl and filling it with a massive amount of food 🥘!!! You are clearly the only problem in this video today. Sam did much ( better ) than he has ever done , because he tried to eat like a human being instead of a pig 🐖. The mom destroyed the family dinner 🥘 by her actions, she served her son instead of her husband. Shame on you because you clearly do not respect your husband as the HEAD of the house 🏡. When you lay your foolish head down on your 🛌, you are laying next to your husband not your son!!! You are much too old to be behaving so obtuse!!! For this reason I am giving you twelve thumbs down indeed.👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  8. I am very happy to watch this mukbang… especially there are father and mother..i hope all three of you are happy and health greeting from Indonesian..

  9. 흥상님 수고했네요 어머님랑아버지랑맛나게드시는 모습보니까?보기참 좋네요 어머님아버님 건강하세요

  10. зачем пихать двумя руками в рот еду можно по немногу кушать просто свиньи

  11. No I love watching especially when you do it with your mother and father. It's cute watching them. And how in some videos when your mother is full, she sits there full and watches you guys eat. It's adorable

  12. I wish i can be part of their family even just for a day! Hahaha! I wanna try her mom's cooking or even all of their cooking! hihi! Thank you for uploading such a warm video Heungsam! More videos soon! 🙂

  13. Still your mother give you more food than your father and you are eating so quickly so you can get all the food before your father eat
    I didn’t like your mother because any time your father wants to take food she watches him
    Therefore I suggest you do your eating things only with your mother

  14. 도다리라고 설명하신 생선은 강도다리입니다. 눈이 광어처럼 붙어 있지요. 시장 상인들이 도다리라고 자주 속여먹는 어종입니다.

  15. I love the rooster in the background! He's going to be next if he continues to crowing in the background! Like I tell my chickens if they misbehave "I have a crockpot with your name written all over it!!" Again, thank you for the great cooking demo and sharing your family.

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