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연어국수 통연어2kg 리얼사운드 먹방ASMR Giant Salmon Noodles mukbang サーモン 麺 ปลาแซลมอน Cá hồi Mì eating sounds

Hello, I am Kyo Kwang Today’s menu Salmon noodles Whole Salmon Salmon Onion Sauce I prepared a total of 2 kg Today is orange juice (I’ll try salmon noodles first) (Salmon is also delicious) (I bought the wrong smoked salmon last time.) (I’ll eat with onion sauce) (It’s good to eat with onion sauce) (good..) (This time, salmon prepared in a barrel !!) (It’s so delicious today) The soy sauce I made isn’t delicious This time I purchased separately😊 (I think onion sauce is better) (??!?) (The soy sauce has splashed on the floor.) (Let’s eat once) (Salmon is full) Soy sauce isn’t delicious I like onion sauce better than soy sauce. (it’s delicious) I’m out of focus and I’ll be back from 4:20! (I just eat without knowing anything.) (It’s better to eat like this) (I’ll brush my mouth) (I don’t think salmon will get eaten every day) The focus is back !! (Soy sauce sauce) (Soy sauce is ok too) (Juice Time) I’m supporting it with the bottom plate !! (Construction noise ..) Please note that there is a lot of noise and there are many cut edits. (I also like onion sauce) (I’ll eat a little slowly) (proud) (I forgot to eat and look at the front) (Just a little bigger .. ^^) (Happiness) Soy sauce is forgotten (Last salmon noodles) (It was a big day) (clean) (Last salmon) (Last time, I’ll eat soy sauce together) (I still have one) Thank you for watching

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