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장어가 무한리필!! 원없이 장어 먹방 행복해♥(장어,소고기,오리훈제가 몽땅!!) mukbang SINCOOK-신쿡

장어가 무한리필!! 원없이 장어 먹방 행복해♥(장어,소고기,오리훈제가 몽땅!!) mukbang SINCOOK-신쿡

Hello, it’s SINCOOK! Today, I’m doing a mukbang! Last time, I said I’ll mostly do mukbang until everything’s set out, right? I’ve been packing stuff. And I think I’ll be moving tomorrow. If it rains tomorrow, then I move on the next day. I packed my stuff in boxes. I’m going to have dinner with my parents. (Unlimited Eel) We’ve been to this place before. We figured that we can have unlimited eel. We just ordered one for each person last time. Time time, we’re going to have unlimited eel. Shall we go? This is the menu. I remember last time, we paid around 150,000 won We’re going to do unlimited eel today. For side dishes, we got ginger, sesame leaf, sesame oil with salt It’s garlic with teriyaki sauce?? Let me taste. (distinguishing) Yeah, it’s garlic with teriyaki sauce. Porridge and we got… Eel soup They serve eel soup, porridge, and seafood&veggie set only once. And we can have the rest unlimited. Eel soup was pretty good. (Unlimited eel set) It’s moving!! They grill for us. I remember it took a long time to be cooked. I’ll enjoy the food!! Should I dip in? I’m gonna have it on its own first. Good This time, I’m dipping this in soy&garlic sauce. So hot!! Thhis teriyaki sauce is good. This time, I’m dipping this in sesame oil with salt. Dipping it in teriyaki sauce. Ginger Tail We should keep on eating, so move these to the side. And grill more. (He knows how to eat) I should wrap this with a sesame leaf. Chives Radish slice Oh, we’re supposed to put this here? I learned that we’re supposed to put the cooked meat on here. My dad’s pissed off that I’m not drinking with him. Besides, I don’t really drink these days. Right, guys? I mean, you only drink a bottle. I don’t want to drink if I’m not gonna get drunk. Why do you drink if you don’t want to get drunk? I used to drink like a fish back then. But your mom was upset about it. And I’m not that young anymore. I should drink moderately for my health. I used to drink a lot. Yeah, you always called mom to come out. I wanted to hang out with your mom but your mom didn’t agree. So you guys had a fight in front of the apartment. I remember exactly. When I get out of a taxi, I want to hold her hand and just take a walk. But your mom… Because mom was sleeping. (They’re a lovely couple) Let’s have a second round. We also have shrimp, baby octopus, and smoked duck. But I’m going to eat only eel. The roof of my mouth is burnt. You think eel is a fish so it’s not fattening? Eel is an oily fish. Eel is high in fat. 110kcal each 100g. Obviously less than pork, beef, and chicken. But since it’s oily, you might want to eat this with veggies. I love the tail. The 3rd round. So far, I think we have… A half Geun… No, 1 Geun and 1 kg… I think we had 1.5kg of eel. They brought us one more eel, but we didn’t take it. You don’t order here. When they’re done grilling eel on your grill, they just keep bringing more eel even though you don’t ask for. I think I’m gonna get really full and sick of it, so we asked them to stop bringing more fish. We shouldn’t waste food! Eel takes long to be cooked. When you eat slow, it makes you full. I get full fast considering the amount of eel I had. It’s crispy on the outside and soft and oily on the inside. Like when you’re eating daechang, the oil pops out. It’s very chewy. It smells like soil when it’s not fully cooked. Freshwater smells like soil, you know. It does smell like that a little bit. Sometimes, you can find bones while you’re eating. Sea eel has more bones than freshwater eel. Sea eel is cheaper. Freshwater is 70,000 won for 1kg. Sea eel is 49,000 won. People eat sea eel raw or shabushabu. It’s called “Anago”. They cut it small and it’s crunch. That’s sea eel. The roof of my mouth is all burnt. The last bite. I’m full. The last bite. I enjoyed the food. I got out after the meal. The owner gave me this drink for my dad. 5 years old genseng wine!! He said he has a hundred of this. Thank you!! I enjoyed the food. That’s it for today. I’m not sponsored but… It’s in front of Sindaebang station. I really enjoyed the meal! If you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up! Let me know if you have any requests! Be subscribed! And turn on the notification bell! I’ll see you in Jeonju! Bye~

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  4. im sorry i am late again sinsin, i was busy watching and updating about mama2019 huhu.
    btw, i love you and please take care always! ♡

  5. I'm late as usual•́ ‿ ,•̀ but I really enjoyed the video a lot, I had a lot of fun and had a good time ( ꈍᴗꈍ) i love your videos SINCOOK (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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  7. 鰻を焼肉感覚で∑(゚Д゚)⁉️

  8. Omg I'm sorry for being late
    I missed watching your videos and listening to your cute voice
    Always take care
    Love from the Philippines 💕

  9. I don't eat eel because when I saw them alive, it looks scary. 😂 But after watching you eating, I think I can eat it now. Lol. 😂

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