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저렴이 장어구이!! 소프 SOF

저렴이 장어구이!! 소프 SOF

Hello, it’s SOF Today’s menu is… Eel. A semi-dried eel. I wanted to see what it tastes like This cost 18,500 won for 11 eels So today I have with the eels, some lettuce, radish, and shredded ginger as wrappers Hold on, do I have bean-paste soup ingredients? I’d like a bowl of bean-paste soup I just went through my fridge I found… Tofu, onions, potatoes, enoki mushroom and green onions Everyone has a bean-paste at home I think that’s good enough First I’ll prepare the soup There ain’t much to do actually Turn the light on and half an onion is cool Chop up to bite-sizes It gets better as you boil down then the potatoes Be careful where the sprouts are coming out That’s hard Cut it into quarters And the green onions We’ll put them in soon Put in the bean paste A lot Throw ’em all in Do not spare on these I mean, you would eat this as a side dish But today is more for the eels, like an alcoholic meal Plus we gotta boil it down anyways Tofu And enoki mushrooms Cut into halves Now put’em in Typical stew Garlic Pour them in And a spicy green chili, will add more spice A spoon of red chili powder to get the color And some leftover minced pork Put it in All we have to do is boil down
I’ll put it aside Soup on the side Now we have to set up the eels We’re eating the radish right away,
and let’s wash the lettuce and sesame leaves And… Ginger, ginger Eels need ginger, because it’s very greasy They sell a lot of ginger since it’s season of making kimchi This is a root, so you’ll have to scrape as you wash So, ginger No we’ll have to slice it up Finely slice Shredded ginger But this may be too spicy like this so you might not like it We’ll have to deal with it first Place the ginger into the bowl And sugar in here and vinegar and some alcohol and marinate it Plus water And just gently hand-rub It’ll rid of the spicy taste, and put some sweet and sour into it Now I’ll start cooking the eels It look like this, eels but semi-dried I’ll put it up there It kinda look like herrings or billfish Put some up there I’ll need to cut up the head I won’t be able to eat that anyways Do I need cooking oil? Maybe some olive oil? This doesn’t contain that much oil since it’s semi-dried Yeah I can cook it with oil That looks tender, almost like it hasn’t been dried yet Very tender Let me try to taste it, it’s very well-cooked right now Let’s try it
It does look good from outside Yeah? It tastes like the core of eels It’s good? I’ll try dipping in the sauce and cooking it with the sauce on Dipping sauce And now we’ll, drain the ginger So, ginger, dipping sauce, radish, okay Let’s start wrapping them up Put up a radish on the lettuce Two pieces of eels dipped in sauce and shredded ginger Like this, right? See what it’s like I can’t really tell, there’s so much stuff in there I said it last time, right in the middle of eel and herring! At least the tails look good I think it’s a bit tough Put these in the freezer, and I can use it as a dish for alcohol Not so heavy as a meat, but like a jerkey Bean paste soup Good and warm Man those potatoes are good It’s time Cheers~ Lift the grilled eel, looks good, right?
Dip it in the sauce, and I’ll wrap with a sesame leaf Some shredded ginger That was amazing, sesame leaf and sauce I’ll try the season-grilled eel Cut out its head and roast shortly then spread the season on Look at that, people Now we cut it up into bite-sizes Here it is Let’s go That is crazy On the rice Here, look Get a spoon of rice, with a piece of eel and ginger

72 comments on “저렴이 장어구이!! 소프 SOF

  1. 소프님이 다 하시는 요리는 다 맛있어 보여요~~ 오늘는 장어네요!! 진짜 맛있겠어요!!

  2. 이거 보고 끌려서 검색해봤는데 막 5마리에 3만원 넘어요 어디서 열한마리에 18500에 사셨는지ㅠㅠ

  3. 소프님!간단하고 저렴한 케이크만들기 해주세요ㅜㅠ
    곧 엄빠 결혼기념일이라서…부탁드릴께요!!

  4. 근데남자들 장어먹고 막 힘난다하잖아요 그거정확히 어떤 느낌인지 (?) 궁금함..,,,

  5. 반건조 장어는 처음 봐서 맛이랑 식감이 정말 궁금하네요ㅎㅎ 그냥 보기엔 육포처럼 쫀득해보이는데 기회가 된다면 먹어봐야겠습니다! 영상 잘 봤습니다.

  6. 보면 볼수록 소프님 너무 좋음 ㅋㅋㅋ
    나도 남자지만 진짜 사람이 정말 매력이 있음.
    솦님 덕에 요리실력도 늘고…크..
    잘봐왔는데 새삼스럽게 왜이러지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. 소프님 새로운 칼 어떠세요?? 저도 오늘 4년동안 썼던 칼이 금이가서 ㅜㅜ 새로 살려고하는데 리뷰좀 해주세요 그리고 칼이름도 부탁드립니다

  8. 우리집도 아버지께서 장어를 좋아하셔서 장어가 떨어질 날이 없지요 장어구이,장어탕.. 감사히 잘 시청하고 갑니다^^

  9. 건조 장어는 좀 덜 기름지나요?
    생물은 먹고나면 화장실을 자주 가게되더군요.
    기름져서 그런지요.

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