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정말 간단하고 맛있는 쫄깃한 어묵피자(Chewy fish cake pizza)

정말 간단하고 맛있는 쫄깃한 어묵피자(Chewy fish cake pizza)

Fish cake pizza Tomato sauce / Square fish cake / Carrot,Onion
Mozzarella cheese Trim the carrot onion Topping material is the ingredients in the refrigerator
You can use it. Cut it long and turn it around. Cut the onion in the same way. Vegetable grooming completed! Please turn on the light at medium light. Add cooking oil in moderation. Trim the toppings Be careful not to fry cooking oil! Now stir-fry until ingredients are cooked. How is it?;; Now add tomato sauce to the stir-fried vegetables. Add tomato sauce to your taste.
I put 3 spoons. Now you can rub it. Prepare a pan. Place square fish cake on pan. Please raise the toppings. Sprinkle cheese evenly. All you have to do is melt the cheese. I’d like the light on low If there’s a lot of fire, the fish cake will burn. Now, just put the lid on and wait
seven to eight minutes to finish. I think it’s all made now. Fish cake pizza completed! Wow~ It’s really simple and easy. I’ll have to try it quickly. Chewy fish cake and cheese meet fantastic It’s really easy to make.
Everyone, try to make it. I’ll be back with the next video! bye~ Likes and subscribe are great for me.
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5 comments on “정말 간단하고 맛있는 쫄깃한 어묵피자(Chewy fish cake pizza)

  1. 안녕하세요! 부족한 저의 영상을 시청해주셔서 감사합니다 ^^

    오늘의 간편레시피는 어묵피자 입니다.

    너두요는 구하기 쉬운재료와 최대한 간단한 조리법을 소개시켜 드리고 있습니다.

    저의 레시피에 많은 의견 부탁드리며 ,좋아요와 구독은 저에게 큰힘이 됩니다.

    감사합니다 ♥

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    Today's simple recipe is Fish cake pizza.

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  2. 와, 어묵을 도웅로 활용하시다뇨! 전 또띠아 말고는 생각안해봤는데,, 어묵피자 생각하시다니 대단하세요! 따봉드립니다 굿굿!

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