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크리스피 연어 케이크와 석류 리코타 샐러드. Crispy salmon🐟 FISHCAKES with POMEGRANATE Ricotta salad.🥗

Hi there, Youtube friends. Welcome back to another episode of Auntie A’s Kitchen. Simple and delicious food cooked here in
South Korea with South Korean ingredients. If you are new to this
channel ‘Hi’ and Welcome to all of So that you don’t miss out when I post new recipes. In today’s recipe, we are going to be preparing crispy salmon fishcakes with a pomegranate ricotta salad. They are real
simple, both of these dishes to make. I am going to be making smoked salmon fishcakes. You could use tinned salmon you could actually use tinned tuna as well, so this recipe is really versatile and you can change it for what you have
available in your cupboard. I serve the fish cakes with a ‘Sweet’ chili sauce. I
think the combination of the two go really well and as I have mentioned
already, I like to accompany this dish with a pomegranate ricotta salad. Now
pomegranate is my favorite fruit and in today’s video, I am going to show you how to open a pomegranate and get the seeds out, really easily and how to choose a
pomegranate that is ripe. So today let me show you how we prepare crispy salmon fish cakes with pomegranate ricotta salad. So when buying a pomegranate there are
3 main things to look for. You want the color to be bright red. Flat sides
and a heavy pomegranate, mean that it is ripe. When I used to open pomegranates my kitchen used to look like a crime scene and I hated the clear-up afterward. So
let me show you an easy way of opening a pomegranate with little mess. The first
thing you will do is make a shallow cut all the way around the pomegranate.
Carefully lift off the top to expose the inside of the pomegranate. Sometimes when you do this the core will come out. If it does not then gently pull it away. You
will also find that deseeding the pomegranate this way will save you a lot
of time. Once you remove the top you will see the pomegranate divided into
segments, as I point out in the video. You are going to cut along these segments from top to bottom. If you have never tried pomegranates then I highly
recommend that you try them as they are a delicious fruit. They also have many
health benefits as they are loaded with important nutrients. Once you have cut
down along each segment, gently with two hands open up your pomegranate. Because of the cuts, it will now open up like a flower. Opening up the pomegranate this
way will expose the seeds in their sections and you will now find the seeds
will now easily fall away. Now is all I do is take each segment and empty the
seeds into my bowl and because we have now exposed the seeds it really doesn’t
take very long. Some people will put these segments into water but I
personally don’t like that way because you can lose some of the juice.
Pomegranates are expensive in Korea so I want to save and then use the juice
later if I can. If you would like some ideas of what to do with pomegranates,
some of the things that I use them for are sprinkled on top of my salads, on top
of my porridge, with a yogurt, inside sandwiches, on top of toast, on pancakes,
inside smoothies and sometimes I make juices, just to name a few. OK, so let me
show you how I make my crispy salmon fishcakes. I cut up some chives now I have already boiled my potatoes and at the last minute I threw in some peas,
just to blanch them. I got these garden peas from Emart. I then roughly
mash up my potatoes and peas. I want a bit of texture in my fishcake so I only
do it a little. I can’t always find parsley so I stock up when I do find it
and I keep it in the freezer. Now because I am putting this inside of the fishcake
it doesn’t make any difference but if I was wanting to garnish some food then I
would use fresh parsley. As I mentioned in the introduction I am
using smoked salmon and you could quite easily use a tin of salmon if that’s all
you have available. So I cut it up and add it to my other ingredients, I add my
chopped chives and some cayenne pepper for a bit of heat and then season with
salt and pepper. Mix all of your ingredients up and don’t forget to have
a taste and check the seasoning is where you want it. I quickly whisk up an egg as
we need something to bring all of the ingredients together and you will notice
that I don’t use all of the egg as we are only making 3 fish cakes today and I
don’t want my mixture to get too wet. Once my ingredients are mixed I put some flour onto the board and mold my fishcakes from the mixture. You can make them any size that you would like. I flatten my fish cakes and lightly cover them
with flour I then place them onto some baking paper. Once they are made I will
place them in the refrigerator until I am ready to cook them. So my fishcakes are
made I get some oil in a pan heating-up. My pan is hot, so I put the fish cakes
inside, I decide only to cook 2 today and I’ll save the other one for another
lunch. I love the flavor combination of lemon with salmon, so I cut some lemon
up ready to use later. The fish cakes don’t take long to cook they only need
a couple of minutes on each side or until they are crispy and golden brown. They
will soak up the oil so don’t be afraid to add extra if you need it. Now another
easy way of making these, giving you an even crispier outside is after dipping
them in flour, dip them back in egg and then into some bread crumbs. So while my fishcakes are cooking I start preparing my simple salad that will complement the
fishcakes. The wonderful thing about making a salad is you can’t go wrong!
Just add whatever ingredients you have available and what you like to eat. I
love the taste of eating red onions and these will pair really well with our
smoked salmon. Since we used chives to season and not spring onions and our
fishcakes the balance of the onion flavor will be perfect. Funnily enough
I had never had ricotta on a salad until I came to South Korea. I really like the
texture combination of the softness of the ricotta with the crispy fishcake.
The next main ingredient to add to my salad are the pomegranates. I love the
color and the texture that these bring to a salad and if you have never had them
in a salad, I highly recommend it. Always make sure that you season your salad
with some pepper, then the final ingredient, I garnish with some pumpkin
seeds, for color and some added texture. On the final turning of my fish cake, I
broke part of it off which made me sad because it meant that the presentation
would not be perfect. Then I had an idea that’s OK
hide it under the salad, no one will know. So don’t tell anyone please! The last
thing I do is add some sweet chilli sauce and my lemons. So here we have
crispy smoked salmon fishcakes served with the fresh vibrant looking
pomegranate ricotta salad. The combinations of flavor make this a
delightful lunch, which is also effortless to prepare. Please now go make this for your family and friends. Thanks for watching today I look forward to seeing you in the next video, until then have a great week. God bless.

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