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🍥NARUTO🍥 2ft Statue – Kisame : Giant Water Shark Bomb by Surge Studio

🍥NARUTO🍥 2ft Statue – Kisame : Giant Water Shark Bomb by Surge Studio

Hey everybody! BAM Collectibles here back with another statue unboxing and showcase Today we’re gonna be taking a
look at a piece from Surge Studio Now if you cannot tell from the
looks of it, this bad boy is HUGE! In the past, the studio has broken their statutes down into two different boxes, which
has made them a little bit more manageable. This statue decided to be packaged in one piece which is made for quite the
challenge in both shipping costs and honestly… just carrying it around period. At this point the studio has released four statues first one being Pain, second Hidan, third Konan and Kisame. They also have Itachi who’s up for pre-order and Deidara who’s up for pre-order as well. And they will also be coming out with Sasori very very soon. Because this statue is a lot larger than most I’m gonna be unboxing him right
here in front of my display case area so that I have maximum amount of room so I can show you all the details that are packed in the statue. If you enjoy statue unboxings for Naruto,
Pokemon, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist Display Case Enhancement Tutorials, this is the channel to be apart of! Please consider hitting the Subscribe button and Notification Bell so you don’t miss a thing. Without delay there is a lot to go over in this piece. So we’re gonna go ahead and jump on in and take a look! So I’ve already taken the time to take the pieces out of the plastic bags to save some of the noise that goes along with that so we can jump straight on in. What I love so much about their statues is the fact that the base are always separate. The fact that the base is separate from the main piece here makes it to where damages aren’t gonna really occur
during the shipping process. And so they do a fantastic job of breaking things down to a bunch of different parts in order to avoid that. Their packaging is also phenomenal. I’m gonna go ahead and get the
camera zoomed in a little bit closer so as you can see how this is all packaged. Now with the top view of everything we can see
the giant resin shark here and Then we have a big old wave piece, the Konan Pikachu that’s included the base for the Konan Pikachu, I believe that’s the hand the Pikachu tail, then there’s Kisame Here’s the base sitting right over here On this side, we have a little bit of the wrapping and a piece of wave back there. Clearing off some of the styrofoam that gets in the way as you’re on packaging this. Right in the center you can see the circular LEDs that are included and it’s awesome that the wiring is all exposed so if there’s any problem at all you could easily fix that. The red clouds around the black circular plate base has been Surge’s standard since the beginning of this line. Spinning this around you can see this is the power outlet in which we’ll go ahead and plug the power source into to illuminate those LEDs later in the video. Let’s go ahead and bust out Samehada. An absolute monstrous piece! This is way larger than my hand! I love the paint application on this piece right here so it’s got the more flatter tones for the scale of his sword and then as you get closer to the mouth and the tongue you can see the shimmering look or the wet look of the tongue. It’s hard to discern what part of the series
this statue takes place in but I imagine it’s sometime around when Killer Bee had the sword because samehada is HUGE in here is if you had a giant meal of chakra from Killer Bee. Very cool how the wrappings are sculpted all around Samehada as if it was busting out of the cloth sheath. This is an additional part of the wrapping that they decided to sculpt elsewhere. Later on in the video I’m not gonna show how this connects exactly. I’m just gonna connect this to Samehada so it’s good to go. Right here is one of the best moments that we could take to soak in how well they did the fading and shading of all the colors for the waves. Through my many years of collecting I’ve seen tons of different sculpting’s for waves but this by far has to be the best that I’ve laid my eyes on. Not really surprised though because we are dealing with Surge studio here. All I have to say is this sculpting is perfection. They decided to go with an
extremely dynamic pose for Kisame. At first it really scared me with the way that they sculpted this because it seemed like something was gonna break off in some way… but they must have done something
inside of the sculpt with steel rods because this thing is very stable and there is nothing loose, shaky or gives me the feeling that this is a fragile piece. Unfortunately, you can see a tiny piece of styrofoam stuck next to his head I have to get a needle or a pair of tweezers or
something to get that out of there later. Just like statues two and three of this line it came with a free Pikachu cosplaying as an Akatsuki How they did this is the first statue was Pain,
he didn’t come with any Second was Hidan, he came with a Pain Pikachi. and then it was Konan which
came with a Hidan Pikachu and now we have Kisame here coming with a Konan Pikachu. Next is gonna be Itachi who’s going to
come with a Kisame Pikachu. This large wave piece right here is extremely heavy so I won’t be to hold this one up too long but I want to show you the details
how this was sculpted and this is what supports Kisame and Samehada so it had to be really really firm and mounted to the base to be sure it could properly support that piece. Now it’s time for the absolute
monstrous piece that comes with this! I will not be able to hold this long because I’ll be honest…this thing has to weigh a solid 40-50 pounds and it’s kind of awkward to hold. It came with this little silicone sheet which I guess allows it to stay in place easier when shipping in the styrofoam and not kind of shaking and wiggle around in the process. What really blows my mind about this shark is
the fact that the resin is so clear! To cast such a large piece and executed so flawlessly is exactly why Surge Studio will always be my favorite. Moving on to the assembly process. I’m gonna go ahead and plug in the power source and test the LEDs out to make sure everything looks great The free Pikachu might seem like cute freebies… but they do serve as a remote to turn the
LEDs on and off for these statues. In order to hold the large resin wave onto the base there are these thick steel rods that are inserted into these two holes on the backside part of the base. Amazingly enough the shark just slides right
on the top and fits right into place. The smaller wave slides right in, connects with magnets as you lift up the shark a little bit. Samehada is held on with a very strong magnet mixed with also being held on
by gravity by sitting on top of that large plastic piece Same as the bottom part, this one is held
on by another very strong magnet. Really scary but the way that it fits into place and all stays secure not a concern in the world Taking a look at the Pikachu base I wanted to show off how well they did with this tiny little piece. It’s amazing that they use this as a remote but they also put a lot of time and effort into making this also a spectacular little side piece that comes with. In order for the remote to talk to the unit that our batteries required. They hide the little sensor right here on the right side where it needs to be pointed right there in
that direction for it to be turned on. If you point it over here and try it won’t work,
right over there works perfect. They spared no expense for the little Pikachu sculpt as well everything is 100% accurate to the previous piece that I showcase which was Konan. One cool thing to note is that female Pikachu’s tails do not look like thunderbolts, but they’re actually in the shape of a heart as seen here. On the bottom, there’s a little cavity where a Pikachu will connect to the base to be able to rest easy. Sliding Pikachu to the back, let’s take a look at the edition size stand and plaque. Upon opening the package
and seeing this edition size plate I began to have both a love-hate relationship with this. Only for the fact that the other three Pain, Hidan and Konan did not come with plaques as nice as this one. I’ll show you exactly what I mean by
showing Hidan’s right next to it. They added a lot of texture to it and really define the actual statue silhouette picture. This one actually feels a little bit heavier, so not sure if there’s a quality difference in them as well. Next I want to show off how bright the
LEDs are on this base. It is quite the feat to get everybody out of the display cases and side by side but I wanted to be sure to show you how this
line is physically looking so far. What’s been really refreshing about this
line is that they’ve stuck to it. Most studios these days they’re kind of fly-by-night they create one, two, three statues, then they’re out. Surge Studio so far has shown their commitment to both the high quality statue and to the Akatsuki line. Interestingly enough they also decided to do a Hokage line, which they have already shown their concept for Hashirama and I also have their Tobirama on pre-order because he’s actually my favorite characters in Naruto. So it was a blast to be able to get that one on pre-order so that could showcase that one later in the future. Thank you so much for stopping by I hope you enjoyed the unboxing and showcase! Look forward to sharing the rest of the Surge Studio pieces as they come out. The channel is turning one year old as of next year! Look forward to celebrating that with all my regular subscribers who stick around and watch my videos. Take care everybody! As always do what you love
and love what you do BAM out!!!

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