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🎶Busy Trevally fishing!So many bite!How to make special Bait! 트레벨리(줄전갱이) 입질 폭발!!

Today’s special bait!! I will show you how to make middle of this video I use mussel on the top and special bait on the bottom I catch something just 1 min after 1 shoot 2 fish!! I don’t expect catching trevally! mussel-trevally, special bait-kahawai NZ Fishing rule – Trevally: over 25cm and 20 per day I catch legal size trevally first time small bite on other rod bite again other rod Keep just small bite take it~take it~ Fish on!! When I stand beside rod, it doesn;t bite anymore… Fish on other rod also! My friend!! I go fishing with him and learn many things.Thank you! hit!! no fish to me….just go for helping him Kahawai So many bite today!Good work my special bait!! I will show you how many second need to catch fish HIT!! Only take 40 second to catch fish! Trevally~ I need to check size and around 26cm Sorry for can’t see measure, because I close too much. But I sure this is over 25cm I open how to make today’s special bait Someone already know.However I use chicken thigh with minced garlic I get so many bite today. I’m not too sure because of this bait. but so happy to come fishing today 🙂 cast~ back to fishing stand~ fasten~ bite~ HIT!! Trevally hit on chicken bait Fish on while I’m landing I feel hurry!! Trevally has weak lips. so need to land carefully I already miss two times Trevally~ I feel really hurry lol I use pilchard this one Trevally~ This is the biggest trevally today. but other people catch over 50cm… Check recording Two trevally~ Good size kahawai by chicken bait Other side!! I’m cleaning fish I learn this way from youtube video I can’t explicate in English…Sorry… Today’s dinner!! Common scene in fishing lol Totally I catch 10 Trevally and 3 Kahawai I fishing about 4 hours. I get bite steadily. So Good day 🙂

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