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🐟 Fish Fry Recipe | How to make Fish Fry | Nepali Food Recipe 🍴54

🐟 Fish Fry Recipe | How to make Fish Fry | Nepali Food Recipe 🍴54

Today I am here with fish fry recipe We can make it in various ways I will teach you a simple and awesome way to cook it So, let’s get started with the ingredients One fish egg lemon salt turmeric ginger garlic paste chilly paste water flour raw mustard paste sesame seed cumin powder chilly powder OIL we will ready our marination paste break one egg in a big bowl add one spoon chilly paste half spoon chilly powder half spoon cumin seed ginger garlic paste turmeric half spoon sesame seed salt as per taste Mustard paste flour lemon juice water-3 spoon mix it well I made pieces like this by cutting the fish use a sharp knife to cut fish size should be as seen as above we will marinate our fish add one by one mix them untill everything is coated and mixed well You can do it by clean hand as well cover it by something leave it for half an hour when it is near to be 30 minutes heat oil Our heat must be medium to high Our oil is heated, we will start cooking now fry them all It will take at least five minutes to fry after 2 minutes flip them when flipped cook it for another 2 minutes after 5 minutes take it out take them out slowly fry remaining fish serve it as you prefer, I served It like this make this at home and enjoy it with your friends and family follow me on social media

65 comments on “🐟 Fish Fry Recipe | How to make Fish Fry | Nepali Food Recipe 🍴54

  1. गाउँमा सुकाइएको माछा कसरी पकाउने त्यो पनि सिकाउनु होला

  2. Dijju, which fish is that? Rahu or gwari or what? Whichever it is, you cook it very well! I eagerly want to cook and eat it! 😃😃☺

  3. बोलि धेरै सुनियो । एकचोटी आनुहर हेर्न्ना पाए हुने थियो । येति राम्रो संग कसले पकाउदो रहिछ हेर्न पनि सकिन्थियो ।

  4. Hi there..I like your recepy so much. CAN YOU HELP ME WITH THE NAME OF FISH IN ENGLISH. PLZ DD THANKS😚😚

  5. खाना लागेको आज अरु तरिकाले पनि बनाउने तरिका हाल्नु होला

  6. Didi le yo channel German bata chalai rakhnu bhako xa ho?? Fish Fry garna lai Kaufland ko Sunflower Oil use gareko dekhe??

  7. Wow sis hjr ko sikako jasarinai herera
    Hareko kura haru banauxu eakdamoi mitho hunxa voice pani sweet xa sis hjrko

  8. Didi Namaskar,
    Hajur le kyun fish linu bhako please name bataidinus na malai fish ekdum man parcha but selection nai garna ayena so hjr ko recipes herera jhan khana man paryo
    Thank you for sharing your yummy recipes.

  9. Aaj samma video herera banako ta kehi chhaina, 😁..tara pani tapai ko video saarai man parchha…baini ko video banaaune tarika, explain garne tarika ra video quality ekdam raamro chha..God bless

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