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AMAZING BENEFITS OF FISH OIL FOR HEALTH The benefits of fish oil are many. Here you will know some of them and you can
also take advantage of incredible recipe described below to make and taste. It is possible to find fish oil in gel capsules,
coming from fish tissues such as sardines, tuna and even salmon. This oil has omega 3 fatty acids, responsible
for offering many health benefits. Including heart disease, prevention against
depression, heart attack, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. But before consuming fish oils, be sure where
it comes from. List of the benefits of fish oil. 1. Eyes. The high levels of omega 3 and fatty acids,
substantially protects the eyes against macular degeneration. This is a condition that impairs the fine
vision, causing the loss of the central vision, being the main responsible in blindness after
the 50 years. 2. Heart. It offers protection to the heart by containing
polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 and fatty acids. In addition, it also provides protection for
the veins and arteries of the cardiovascular system. Also reduce the levels of cholesterol, avoiding
blood clotting and also decreasing and relaxing the blood vessel swellings. This oil also helps reduce the arrhythmia. 3. Brain and nervous system. It improves focus, memory and reasoning, as
they aid blood flow, having a fundamental effect on brain function. In addition, omega 3 supplements found in
fish oils relieve bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, it also reduces Alzheimer’s symptoms. It also helps decrease depression, mood swings
and anxiety. 4. Cancer. It is effective against colon, breast and
prostate cancer. This is because the abundance of fatty acids
and omega 3 keeps the cells healthy, inhibiting the growth of bad cells and eliminating cancer
cells. 5. Bone and connective tissue. The omega 3 presents in fish oil helps the
cartilage of the joints, regulating and stabilizing the collagen balance. As well as minerals for bones and surrounding
tissues. 6. Skin and Hair. Omega 3 stimulates the production of collagen
and contains a strong elastin fiber, which helps younger skin. In addition, omega 3 also relieves stains
on the skin. For the hair, it helps to give shine and stimulates
the healthy growth of the strands, avoiding the hair fall. Natural recipe with fish oil. Take note of this recipe based on fish oil. Your hair will look more beautiful and strong,
avoiding the fall. You will need it. – Quail eggs. – Capsules of fish oil. For the preparation. Separate the egg yolks from the whites and
mix the yolks together with the fish oil capsules. Apply to hair and wait for 60 minutes. The amount of egg yolk and fish oil varies
depending on the length of the hair. Apply this mixture every 7 days and in a month,
you will already perceive the difference. Your strands will be stronger, healthier and
shine. These are the main benefits of fish oil. You might use it and experiment the difference. I hope these tips can help you, if so, tell
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