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🚣Hiking along Portage E & Kayaking to Eel Weir Kejimkujik National Park

🚣Hiking along Portage E & Kayaking to Eel Weir Kejimkujik National Park

oh what a nice day decided to take a little bit of outdoor therapy today a little hike here a couple people I think further ahead but now I just want to have a little stop here have a little bit of lunch sandwich little cheese and some pepperoni need them calories and that salt sodium Oh anyway I’ve been a few years since I’ve been here actually this is a nice spot it is dead quiet I’m just about time I’m at Kejimkujik National Park the favorite places to go and do some activities and we’re just slowly heading back home there’s a few backcountry sites there’s one across the way here till still some people there but anyway miles will get back and then let’s take a look the inReach here see where my track is all right I do a little bit of a hike and as you can see from the track you also see that track goes out in the water and yeah do a little bit of kayaking before I got here and I’m just gonna show you the route out it’s pretty nice so let’s do this should take about two hours all right portage e this is a park where you can do camping a lot of backcountry camping and a lot of the sites are via the lake here so there’s a clinic and a few other Lakes and this is gonna be our route out water is a little low this time of year and I don’t know if you can see it but there’s some nice big granite boulders that just popping up here so well just take it easy now you can see that in the distance there there’s another group of campers are heading out I think they’re done I think it’s it is checkout time here so they heading back to Jeremy’s Bay I’m gonna go the opposite direction I just show you where we’re at here we’re here along partyers e and we got backcountry side 24 which is just a couple meters from us here so we’re just gonna paddle up here we’ll come down the western run and then get to eel we’re that’s why I launched last time I was doing videos out here I was way up here at the park and I kind of did this big port eyes and back and then they did another one down here marry me catch beat you then get across this way so trying to cover most of the park let’s get going gonna go straight ahead and then do some dog legs yeah this is something that you’ll see quite a lot on kid you like just humongous granite outcrops around the lake lake overall is not very deep but sometimes you’re a little startled winging it rub against something they can see him well should be able to see em now sending into a little bit more narrow end and I really get to use my inReach here that I can see it here but I really need to use the track because it’s hard to tell man I say which way to go but will be the the best way the rocks look different on the way back all right rocks rocks rocks yeah I think that weighs better than this way all right there’s the bridge that means I’m almost at my launch point however the water was really low so I know it’s on the way out there was another come of a launch spot further up the park a lot so I’m gonna lay in there and save it just an easy way to just to drag the kayak back to the well do the truck knew it yeah there was another launch point here usually just go like 200 meters down that way by the bridge and the name eel we’re but that’s what they did with it they made a we’re trapped eel because of that is full rocks waters although really hard time to launch but come out here looks like a landing we’re right across from Port Asha bow which is right behind me here and sure enough I get couple feet in and what do I see I see my truck so it’s gonna be 75 meter dragged through the woods thanks beaten path I’ll be fucking alright just need to load this in the truck I mean interesting up the deck put all my stuff inside paddles seat PFD my dry side the knickknacks and stuff but I’ll be grabbing that kennel make us some tea a little bit later on here she’s all set up here and using the back rack and I’m using one of these night eyes kind of tie downs webbing tie downs and consider see underneath the back rack now I can use the scupper holes and the thin indent so I can run through the webbing and really cinch this down you can see the back rack the uprights is perfect with for this ocean kayak Malibu – or probably couldn’t be the same thing so that angle in anywhere from the front then in the back here just simply just tied it down using something new that I got here called the tie boss so actually been working pretty good so all right we’re ready to rock time to get home you

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