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1 cast 3 fish!? – Fly Fishing For Pike (broke my rod)

hey what’s up and welcome to this channel if it’s the first time you’re here then welcome we are just fishing Denmark and we have a lot of fishing videos from Denmark and the whole of Scandinavia so if you’re into that kind of spicy thing then subscribe to this channel and there will be so much more videos to come all about fishing and completely free for you guys to see today I’ve gone out to one of my favourite lakes to try to do some fly fishing for pike and if you’re into that topic then you’re in luck because I’m gonna give you a handful of tips on how you can catch the next pack on the fly rod I’m gonna start with fishing this this really shallow area here where I know sometimes it can hold a pike let’s see first cast of the day I’m just gonna start with wait nope it came off he’s just try again if we can get it right to the read line and then just start again like see me fast retrieve here come on there was a prank and that was the smallest one in the whole lake nice but it really wanted that fly I was just about to take the sly of the water and then Shmack tiny pike yep tiny pike first of the day small Pike of the whole leg okay so it seemed like the other pikes was hiding in really close to the weed lines and it was like I dragged them out from there and they just smacked the fly a couple of meters out so I’m just gonna sail a bit closer once again and then yep fly seems okay almost okay bit messed up but it will work [Music] yep oh that was one seems a bit bigger it really seems like I have found the the pike school foot tip with the small pike haha but what a fight I mean it’s not even the biggest Pike but really puts up a fight like oh look at that rut Bend I mean it’s not the most heavy rod I have here but this Pike is really putting up a fight yep ah nice so second pack of the day maybe the one I lost before yeah nice Pike about to free kilos nice way to start the day let’s get that one back that’s the way to do it let’s just see if we can grab one more here at the shallow water and then hit further out and maybe find some some big ones [Music] yep oh that was nice so it’s changed location again to a new spot and when I sailed by this bud I saw some small baitfish up in the surface like jumping so maybe it was this guy chasing down there for these guys is just they still just smoking those big flies even though it’s a tiny pike get it back into the water okay so I think I’m gonna change things up a bit and I have fists with this blue fly for a while now and had a lot of fish following in and it’s not a big fly at all and normally I feel like the fish are just smashing it right away but today seems like they’re following in really slow just right beneath the fly so I think I’m gonna choose something a bit more natural like this one like a little brooch imitation and then pair it with a with a wiggle tail down at the bottom so a sexy little Roach imitation with a golden wiggle tail that should do the trick yeah oh that seems a bit better oh nice and now some people water oh okay it seems actually pretty heavy okay seems pretty decent actually look at the red band oh there it is oh it’s a nice one cool that’s a nice nice bike the Flat Rock is cool alright not done it’s not done to see if I can get it up real quick it’s a decent pike on the flower come on come on yep got it there we go guys that’s a nice Pike on the fly rod and then again on this more there’s more wiggle tail fly that’s amazing and it took in deeper water so that is just oh that is so cool nice finally a good Pike let’s let’s release this baby [Music] yes man finally a good Pike oh nice guys this shouldn’t be happening but unfortunately my rock just broke so I guess we’re gonna be doing the rest of the movie with a spinning rod it’s pretty lucky that I even had my spinning rod with me so yeah guess the last of the movie is gonna be with spinning rod and to start it off I’m gonna use this one like a lighter in a very natural color and this one it goes just right below the surface wiggling like a fish here goes nothing oh that was actually a fish first cast oh no or something that was and again what what don’t think it’s a pike what if it’s a perch no okay hell is this okay never tried that before that is really something of the weirdest thing I have ever experienced watch yeah I mean I know there’s a lot of perch in this lake but a free perch and one lower and look at the size I mean this guy was hungry okay maybe I should just go home this is getting we’re just getting a bit weird okay I’m about to head in now it’s getting late and still a bit upset about the fly rod though but that triple perch action kind of saved the day so even though it didn’t manage me the hook a lot more packs on the onion spinning rod it’s okay creepers in one cast it’s pretty damn good so there’s only left to say thank you so much for tuning in hope you enjoyed the video if you did like and subscribe to this channel and hopefully I’ll see you in the next video right here [Music]

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