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1 million fish in 1 video . Schools and shoals in the Philippines .

1 million fish in 1 video . Schools and shoals in the Philippines .

hello and a lot of friends in this video
we’ll enjoy the behavior of tropical fish that like to stay together and live
with their friends hello underwater friends my name is
Johanna goo and in this channel we do weekly post of diving trips underwater
videos as well as underwater photo and video tutorials in the ocean fish like
to stay together big school of sardines swim together to
keep the Predators from eating them Jackfish stay as a big group and hunt
together the mackerels do the same and offers a
marvelous dance even with colorful anthias prefer to stay with their
friends fusillier shoal together as well as the batfish demsels also stay together but don’t mind the anthias that enjoy the
company GlassFish like the protection of the
reef when Razorfish don’t mind swimming in
mid-water mackerels never stop swimming together to filter the plankton and
sardines make nice shapes underwater thanks for watching the video all the
way to the end makes me very happy if you like the content and you want to see
more underwater videos from the Philippines don’t hesitate to watch the
playlists diving Philippines and if you want to know how I do my videos you can
also check how I do an underwater video don’t hesitate to subscribe to the
channel we do weekly posts on either diving trips underwater videos or
underwater video tutorial all right thank you

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