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#1 Tip- Fish Tank Water Too Hot! | How to Lower Temperature

#1 Tip- Fish Tank Water Too Hot! | How to Lower Temperature

Hey guys, Devon here from American Aquarium
today, is how to keep down temperatures in the tank. This is actually something that’s really well
discussed on the internet and so, I figured I would do a little bit differently to just
share one tip that we’ve found to be even more effective. Even more so, then just putting a fan over
the top of the aquarium and if I could choose one method over the other, this would be a
better method then just putting a fan to blow the hot air away. I’m remaking this video, because I accidentally
said some things that were not, I didn’t say them correctly. So, you know what, I’m not prefect. I get that, I talked to the main man and he
helped me set straight when it comes to this method with cooling down a tank, because he’s
hand so much more experience with that, so I’m sharing that with you guys and hope you
guys appreciate it. I also see that hater out there that didn’t
like the video, so that’s cool, so I’m going to remake it. Through this out there for you guys and hope
you guys appreciate it. So, even better and what we’ve seen than just
a fan being put over the aquarium. There’s aquarium bottles and of course there’s
other information. Take a look at the resource below, but this
like a swamp cooler method or like perspiration of our skin. We’re you actually take a towel and you get
it wet with some fresh water and like I said if you can choose a method over an aquarium
fan, this would be better to bring the aquarium down just a few degrees. Dip it in some fresh water then hang it over
the front just like this. If there’s a hood that sits over the aquarium,
put this over the hood a little bit and tape it down. Don’t trap in the heat with the light at the
top, if you have a top that comes up or over like this in the canopy, you kind of tuck
that in there in the hood and close it and trap it in there. And by having wet a wet towel on the front
of the aquarium, Obviously you can’t see it , if your at home, you’re trying to bring
temperatures down, so at this point, it doesn’t matter if you can see the fish or not. If this is wet and you have a fan, actually
if you don’t even have a fan, but what this is going to do if going to take heat and it’s
going to transfer it into the moisture and if you can if you can take the moisture away
of the aquarium, it’s going to take the heat with it, so the heat is energy is going to
be expelled away from the aquarium. So, even better is to have a fan, have a towel
with being wet, blow the heat away from away from the aquarium and it helps keep it cool
very well in hot hot hot temperatures, so this is one tip we have not seen be passed
around the internet, with everything that’s going around there. There are other ones that are good for different
methods, different ways of keeping if you, if you got some bottles that are frozen, you
throw them in there and that cool, but this is actually something, everyone got a towel,
everyone has some fresh water. Put it on the front of the aquarium and that
will help. Even this by itself works better than just
having a fan, like I keep saying. This with a fan is even better. Hope you guys appreciate it, make sure to
like subscribe share with you friends of course and if you have a question, comment, let them
know. If you guys don’t like one of my videos go
ahead let me know why you feel it’s not a very good video and I’d love to address it
with you guys and figure out what I can do better, of course I’m not prefect and if you
can show me one person that is, well please do so, I hope you guys appreciate it, I’ll
talk to you next time, bye.

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