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10 GALLON AQUARIUM, How to Setup an EASY LOW TECH 10 Gallon Fish Tank

10 GALLON AQUARIUM, How to Setup an EASY LOW TECH 10 Gallon Fish Tank

What’s up Fishtank People?! The Small Tank Series CONTINUES today. Last week we did a 5 gallon, this week we
are doing a 10 gallon! Oh yeah. So I am excited to be bringing this ten gallon
tank to you today. I have to share that I believe my first tank
ever was in fact a 10 gallon tank. It had darker green gravel, a scuba diver
and lastly a NO Fishing sign in it. Yes- this is also the tank where the goldfish
named Dabloon lived. A dabloon is a gold coin from a sunken treasure
ship, a name my dad came up with. Speaking of my dad. I remember holding the door for my dad out
to the garage while he lugged the tank out the garage to do a full 100% water change
scrub down. (No sure why Dabloon died, but this 100% water
change no-no was probably part of it!) I hear I sobbed for a long time with the discovery
that dabloon was dead.. So the 10 gallon… This is how they get you folks. The tank is the “Multi tank it is” bug
starter. Yes. I can recall Pet Supplies Plus back in like
1997 for only $1.99…and a 5 gallon cost 12$…..I’m rolling with the 10. I can also remember adding up all of costs
of everything I actually needed for this tank to be setup and going, “Wait a minute, this
is more cash than I was looking to spend!” The 10 gallon readily available, double, the
space of a 5 gallon. Good gas exchange with its height to surface
area. And is the size of tank I remember staring
at at my buddy David Brindles house who had light blue gravel and corner box filter, and
me going. I’ve got to have this! So how are we going to approach this 10 gallon
today? We’ll I am going to keep it basic here. Last week we showed you how I used a premium
grade substrate. I also have more than enough videos about
dirting your aquarium, so today I am going to show you how I am going to setup a 10 gallon
tank WITHOUT Dirt, but with adding plants that DON’t Require as much nutrients at
their substrate. I realize that for many people watching this,
the idea of setting up a tank with dirt under the gravel then pouring water over it is crazy
town. So here today, I’m going to keep it simple
with a low tech- Almost no dirt needed aquarium. NOW- You will NOTE: BOTH this video and LAST
video. I Mentioned Dirting your tank. This is for a REASON. You have a significantly less number of species
you can keep without A GOOD SUBSTRATE. So while I am rolling NO DIRT of GOOD SUBSTRATE
HERE- Let it be said- If you want good plant growth, you need good substrate…. We are going to roll with just plain gravel
but I reserve the right to add just a touch of substrate to this tank… More on that later in the video. OK. SO with this setup. I wanna get a little crazy…. I wanna come above the rim with this bad boy…. It’s not some thing typically do, so We
will see how it goes…. NOTE: This is fully inspired by some work
that my Monster handed Man Crush Kevin Kelly designed…. I’m gonna work these rocks in above THE
RIM… Ok, Why am I doing this? The main reason I am doing this is I want
to see people push themselves with a 10 gallon. The reason I like Kevin’s work so much is
because he is not afraid to takes risks and do something outside of the mold. Same with Oliver Knott, you might think some
of his tanks are gimicy or over the top…whatever. Let’s have fun with this instead of the
same white path of sand in mountains. This ten gallon might end up looking like
10 gallons of hot trash, but at least I tried… So before we get into this tank I want to
make it clear what we are getting and what we are Not going to be getting with this tank. Due to the lack of a proper nutrient rich
substrate base layer we are simply not going to be able to keep some of the plant
we might have liked- Dwarf Sag, Baby tears, Jungle val- These are OUT. That’s ok because knowing this we are going to modify our plant selection to work
within the confines of this setup….. The plants we are going to be experimenting
with today are simple. We have Elodea anacharis, We have some Anubias, Bolbitus. We also have
some hornwort and we have some
JAVA MOSS. Some other plants
to consider here are Water wisteria.

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  1. Awesome series man. I've got one of everysize and watching these is getting the brain rolling on some new scapes congrats on your soon to be 100 000 subs

  2. Idk if I missed it but that wood has chemicals in it since its pressed board? Wouldnt that be bad long term?

  3. I would put a frosted contact paper on the back glass to hide the HOB filter. I have used shelf linen papers, kitchen waxed paper, and I used to have a pale blue gift-wrapping paper that had a slight iridescence to it. And of course, there is always painting the tank. Each kind of paper gives a different effect, so play around and see what works.

  4. I thought about these words: ecosystem, biotope, sustainability, permaculture, biosphere, energy efficient, abundance in variety, variety in lifeforms, natural filters, natural designs, self sufficiency. Low maintenance. These are words that I have been typing in, searching the net, and there is always a little of each not always all of it, I am attempting to make some urban farming I've gotten around to making an aquaponic system, now would you make a video about these words? What is your personal experiences resembling these words? I think these topics are quite interesting, but to mash up all of them together is probably even better, you interested in making such a video or is this a lot to ask for?

  5. still lovin the small tank series. what are you doing with these scapes long term?

    If you just plan to take em back down have you thought about auctioning them off? Auquascapes by Dustin for a charity or something?

  6. What's the name of that little plant? Suswasertang or something? Looks cool but need to see the name in text. Cool looking build by the way! I'm going to have to consider more rocks for my 46 bf build.

  7. I'm worried about that wood too. Love the scape though. I know nano fish are usually used to maintain scale, but I like the idea of a betta in there. I can also imagine kuhli loaches loving all those cracks and crevices between the rocks, if there are any that aren't stuffed with plants lol.

  8. Awesome video Dustin! I know why you don't wanna disclose the hardscape location. Whenever I show one of my friends where I get some really cool materials, they usually go out there and pick it all over haha. That one of my favorite parts though. I love finding new bad ass stuff to throw in a tank!

  9. What is the name of that light? BTW, love the 5 and now the 10 G. Awesome on the 10 for a Betta and a few shrimp (?)…..or would they require more plants?

  10. Wow reminds me of old dinosaur books as a kid you should just put a small blue gourami would contrast perfect with the orange rock

  11. Hey. Have you ever gone back to Robert stein bach place? Just saw the video. Anyway thanks as always for the inspiration

  12. Can someone help me, and fast!
    My zebra danio has a bloody swollen eye and it's popping out it's socket, big time. She has a large belly and is 4 and a half. I really love her and I have some aquarium salt, beneficial bacteria and a spare bowl. I need help fast!

  13. Any advice for upgrading from a 10 gal to a 60 gal? I have no clue what kind of fish to stock it with. There are soooooo many choices !

  14. Hey what's up guys if anybody subs to me I will sub back, I know this is annoying to you guys but I'm so close to 50 subs and that's a big hole of mine, thanks guys and tank on.

  15. Sadly for most the 10 gallon is a pain for their first tank. 10 gallons are the worst for beginners since many stuff them with different types of fish that shouldn't go in a 10 gallon. Most fish sold at a big chain pet store needs at least a 20 gallon or 15 gallon.

  16. Don't you think the particle board you put in the bottom under the rock will dissolve and release glue / poison that makes up particle board? I've used styrofoam, but I'm pretty sure that's inert…. opinions?

  17. Here is an update on this tank a week later!

  18. I am working on a 2.5 gallon….rectangle…the only one in petsmart…what do you suggest for lighting…and I am using sponge filter…

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  21. I like the scape, but I foresee ongoing problems with that piece of particleboard.
    I would paint the back glass a dark slate gray.
    This was a very well done video, IMO.

  22. Dude, your energy is awesome! Can't stop watching your videos once they start! I'm so glad I came across your channel, so much good information!

  23. That Wafer Board is going to wreck havoc in that aquarium, once it starts to come apart. I know because I work construction, and have seen what happens when that stuff gets wet. Plus there are all kinds of toxins in it. Having said that, I do love the scape just should use some closed cell foam, or just support it with a cushion of sand.

  24. Dustin what kind of wood did you use or what is safe to use in a tank ….I will be at your greenhouse first open house if you open for the Public ..

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  26. A 10 gallon tank was my first aquarium, I had an angelfish and some tiger barbs, I knew nothing then and turns out they weren't that compatible.

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