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10 SCARY Fishing Videos Caught On Camera

10 SCARY Fishing Videos Caught On Camera

On this channel we often explore the weird
creepy things that go bump in the night. But what about 100% real scary encounters caught on camera in the middle of a nice sunny day of fishing? There were actually so many scary fishing
moments that I decided to do 10. So, here are the Top 10 Scary Fishing Videos Caught on Camera. Seafood
Now you might be wondering if this is supposed to be a Top 10 list of scary fishing videos,
then why is the first video about divers. Well these two men, who are diving off the
coast of Central California, aren’t fishing. But something in the water is. The two men come just a little too close to being an accidental lunch for a couple of humpback whales chasing a school of fish. It’s Not a Petting Zoo
When you’re out fishing and a group of sharks starts swarming around your boat. The first rule is- DON’T TRY TO PET THE SHARK. Don’t pet the shark. It’s not a puppy. Got Your Nose
In this fishing video, a man is sticking his head underwater and yanking fish out of the mud bed with his bare hands. But something goes wrong. Now there’s some debate on whether this video is real, or whether the man actually just put the living snake on his nose himself. I say that if he let an actual water snake
bite onto his nose that hard while his buddy yanked and pulled on it… then he wins. That’s real enough for me. We can even see the snake swim away at the end, so there’s no doubt it’s a real. It’s Not A Petting Zoo Part 2
Because of Youtube’s new stricter content rules, I have to say before this video. This woman was NOT seriously hurt in any way. So, when you’re out fishing and a group of
sharks start swarming around your boat. The second rule is – don’t hand-feed the sharks. Luckily, Melissa Browning only received a
bad cut on her finger from this scary encounter with a nurse shark. And she seems to have learned her lesson. By the way, I just wanted to point out that
in this video there’s a guy who might be the worst man EVER to have around in a crisis
situation. And that’s THIS guy. This guy not only doesn’t drop his drink to
help. But he doesn’t even spill a drop as he just
sits there watching that poor woman flail around with sharks. Don’t Go In The Water
This is a very quick and simple lesson as to why you don’t want to fish or go into the
water in some areas of the Amazon. This is what a piranha feeding frenzy looks
like. Piranha will eat other fish, they’ll eat red
meat, and they’ll even eat each other. Piranha attacks on humans are rare, but do
occur. The fish usually attack the hands or feet
and a large piranha can actually bite off a finger or toe off with their sharp powerful
teeth. Tag, You’re It
Now this guy isn’t technically fishing, but again, something else in the water is. And in yet another shark lesson, we learn
don’t ever chase a giant shark on your jet ski. The shark took a little nibble out of the
jet ski, but the lucky rider was unharmed, and hopefully learned a lesson. If you chase a giant shark, it will chase
you back. Unintentional Aggression
Despite what you might see in movies, the anaconda snakes of South America will not usually attack a human being, unless they feel threatened. But sometimes that threat isn’t intentional. This fisherman is just taking his boat along
the shore. Then there’s the polar opposite like these
guys who are out fishing and decide to beat on brush in an area where they think a giant Anaconda is hiding. Apparently once the giant angry serpent decides to come out to meet them, their bravery seems to fade. The Worst Joke Ever
Somewhere in China, a bunch of men are doing some ice-fishing on a frozen pond. But things soon go VERY wrong. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing in this
video. The men falling through the ice into freezing water while they desperately cling to the edge to try to avoid death… or the reaction
of the other fishermen, who just seem to giddily scream and laugh at them while they struggle for their lives. Revenge From The Sea
Kevin Faver and Brad Deckard are fishing off the coast of Florida. While Kevin is trying to reel in his catch,
they get an unexpected visitor. Now if you’re wondering why two very experienced fishermen are so afraid of a fish. This is a 40 pound Giant Barracuda, a species known for its powerful jaws, aggressive behavior and razor sharp teeth. And even if you get past all that, Barracuda
can’t even be eaten because they are usually poisonous. It’s just all bad. Otter Rescue
Now this next story isn’t exactly frightening to humans, but involves a very justifiably
terrified otter. Dusty Harpole was out fishing in Alaska’s
Tutka Bay when he came upon two Killer Whales swimming together. For some reason they seemed to be circling the area. He soon discovered what was going on. The two Killer Whales were stalking a mother Sea Otter and her pup. Unfortunately the hungry whales had already gotten her pup. Now the mama Otter was desperately trying to escape as the whales hunted her too. The quick-thinking Otter swims straight for
Dusty’s boat and hops onboard to hide. The Killer whales swim right by, unaware that the mama Otter has made her escape to the boat above. Dusty cranks up his engine and speeds the mama Otter away to safety. After she was safe, in a truly heartbreaking piece of video, the mother Otter begins crying out for her lost pup who will never return.

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  1. Momma: Baby!
    Me: Ah hell. That's sad.
    Momma: Baby! Jumps in the water
    Me: Ah cme on. Not gna cry.
    Momma: Baby! Swimming still searching for baby

    Thanks for watching

    Me: Eyes well up.

  2. Someone who swims nude in piranha infested waters would be crazy. If they can bite off a toe or finger, rben chomping your dick off wouldn't be that

  3. Sad for the fucking otter it hit me so hard but its fucking nature. Nothing us humans and the world can do about it other than killer whales. Life sucks man

  4. Nice of that guy to allow her on and get her away from harm.
    Just sad lost the baby.

    No one has even mentioned the guy that saved her.
    If it wasn't for him it would have been a video of her being eaten too.

  5. I just have to say that the last video literally made me cry…I had tears rushing down my face. Nature sure can be a bitch, so sad! Also so amazing of that guy to stick around and be her savior

  6. I'm beginning to really not like killer whales/orca since videos like number 10, and another couple iv seen if them hunting seals but for sport. I know its nature but that mamma otters cries wereπŸ’” and her looking around omgπŸ˜’πŸ™ˆ

  7. 11:10 Bro I saw a baby one of these when I was snorkeling and I was scared because I didn’t even say my last words…

  8. You might hate Orcas now but shit they gotta eat. If you think two Orcas working for their meals is bad you should remember how we get our food. (unless your vegan) we rape cows for them to give birth to calfs and then for us to kidnap the calf and punch a tag in its ear. The mother is then sent to a slaughterhouse to be turned into the worst cheeseburger you've ever eaten in your life. I'm not going to add the inhumane conditions we make them live in because you both probably know it already and I'm to lazy.

  9. The guys falling into the ice and they guys laughing is probably a common occurrence. I bet if the men where in real danger, they have fast ways to get them out.

  10. That shark probably got multiple teeth chipped , got mad at humans & spread the word to his "seamates" & that's why shark attacks seem to have been increasing πŸ€”

  11. damn, the otter video got me to cry a little. not sure if she wishes she died with her pup but that's gotta hurt a lot to lose your baby πŸ™ poor mama otter. atleast she escaped <3

  12. When I lived in Key Largo there was always this barracuda at a place we called "The point" and he would always stare at you. They go after shiny things too.

  13. You telling me that anacondas actually exist I thought it was just a freaking movie 😭😭

  14. the humpback whales throat is just about softball size. if it would've accidentally caught him it would've immediately let him go.

  15. Ohh.. that was truly heartbreaking….mom otter probably wishes she was dead now too

  16. The dude that didn’t care that she got her finger bit off by a shark did it on purpose he knew that would happen and just let her learn her lesson and I would probably do the same.

  17. Baby broyhstdtr. Then were avidly ti
    Unlorislg mi idea for gimpliment] d she she tontiyght could be coulhiy.

  18. When the girl was crying the man said your okay and she looked back and it made me think that she was saying no I’m not okay I just lost my baby

  19. Mom: Why do you stay in your bed all day?
    Me: One sec i’ll text you why.
    Mom: Omg what did I create. *walks out*
    Me: *sends link to this channel*
    Mom: Ah, now I see.

  20. this guy just said barracuda cant be eaten cause its poisonous… thats the most false shit i ever heard scince i been ate some since i was 7!!!

  21. 8:30
    Anaconda didnt leave to "eat them", she just tried to leave the place.
    Probably ate something and was there making the slow diggest process, but the idiots had to go there and bother it. Thats why she could not flee fast or even sink, because had some hunt inside.

  22. Just would like to say my heart goes out to that otter 😨 but I swear to Christ that human beings are the stupidest creatures on this planet mocking and making fun of each other laughing touching wild sharks. Those are the kind of idiots that deserve to get eaten by the shark a bunch of dumb f****ers 🀬😠😑😈

  23. Awe πŸ€•πŸ˜’ The Otter one really touched my heart πŸ’”πŸ˜ R.I.P Baby Otter πŸ€žπŸ½πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  24. Thank u all who warned me to not watch the end of this video, by their thoughtful, caring otter comments (RIP baby otter). Seeing it would’ve ruined my entire year, at least.πŸ˜ͺ

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