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10 TrainingVideo COR Fish Oil

10 TrainingVideo COR Fish Oil

cellucor fish oil fish oils are a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids these omega-3 fatty acids are essential to life which means you must consume them in your diet cellucor official is a great way to supplement what you’re currently eating in your diet with the omega-3 fatty acids what makes the cellucor fish oil unique is it’s what I call a double strength fish oil normally when you look at a fish oil you have your concentrated fish oil at 1,000 milligrams that’s one of these soft gel pills then you look at the EPA and the DHA which are the omega-3 fatty acids in this particular one it’s 360 and 240 why most products are only 180 120 the reason why is because the cellucor fish oils are harvested from Coldwater fish and then they are molecularly distilled so that it removes all other impurities and contaminants that could possibly be in the fish oil and it increases the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids so when choosing a fish oil you always want to look at the total fish oil concentration and then the EPA and DHA ratio again ours is a double strength now again our capsules are of bovine origin however if you do not feel comfortable or your customers don’t feel comfortable in swallowing a gelatin capsule of any kind once again back to my meal you can puncture the fish oil and add the fish oil directly to your food or put in a yogurt or something of that nature as you can see you can’t even see the fish oil or the CLA CLA was here fish oil is here now one thing I like to point out is that you may end up buying the cellucor fish oil and the psycorps CLA the cellucor CLA is this brown soft gel pill and the Saudi core fish oil is going to be this clear one so there is no confusion if you’re going to take these two products again the CLA is taken to a breakfast lunch and dinner and the good old fish oil is one to two per day this will support heart health and also brain and cognitive function there’s one more reason that your customers would want to buy fish oils besides the fact that it’s great for the heart and great for the mind it’s also very very good at reducing inflammation people who are athletic are constantly inflaming their joints their muscle tissues sometimes even their skin fish oil is going to be a great anti-inflammatory a hundred percent natural from the sea

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