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100%釣れる!食パン・フィッシング【Eng Subs】Fishing Bait Using Bread【Tilapia・テラピア】【ITSUKI】

100%釣れる!食パン・フィッシング【Eng Subs】Fishing Bait Using Bread【Tilapia・テラピア】【ITSUKI】

Hi, I’m Itsuki the Fishing gang This is my first video as a fishig gang I’m grad to be here as one of them This is the root of my fishing life “tilapia fishing” You might have done this fishing if you are Okinawan It’s a good kick off to start fishing It’s easy and fun,good to learn fishing technique such as hooking Let’s get started About fihsing spot It’s such a shallow area Tilapia is everywhere,salt water or fresh water You go to find a big fish school with mullet It’s easy to find and catch tilapias even for beginners About fishing tackle Fishing tackle means fising tools This is a fishing rod for blackbass and #3000 reel It actually doesn’t matter,what kind of rod and reel You just put a normal hook like “Iseama hook” My braid is #1(about 20LB) Leader line is #3.5(14LB) Used FG knot to connect braid and leader Uchigake knot to connect hook Please check the details video of each knot on Fishing gang You don’t need any sinker,so simple one It easy to set up Now shoe you the bait It’s a bread! Show you how to use this Let’s remove the crust This is not for bait on hook These are for ground bait Throw them widespread area It’s good to avoid turtle bites turtle goes ground bait not to hook bait Take this much on bread Squeeze this You can also squeeze the calorie by doing this It’s good for diet Hide the hook in the bread You don’t see hook You can change the size depends on the situation Where to cast Along the rocks or shady area is very good And then you cast You don’t do nothing,no reeling Make it drift a little and then cast again This is not useful It became too wet and soft,easy to be out of hook It gonna be too easy to eat only bread for tilapia I’m gonna change bait If you don’t have any reaction,just go everywhere Or you gather fishes with ground bait You need to move for catching a fish Let’s move over there I’ve got no fishes right here It’s not worthy to be here any more Let’s change the spot Moving to the other spot We are in the different spot I can see carps here It’s pretty much attractive spot Let’s do quickly It’s pretty small though You’ve got one I did a good hooking You see the rod tip,tick,tick,then hook up slowly You don’t have to hook it up strong I’m gonna release this fish You see,find a school and cast,that’s it There must be bigger ones deep behind No this is also tiny Let’s put down your fishing rod to the ground Put the rod to the ground It was awesome bite but… Too tiny Too tiny I’m gonna release this fish Let me do this again It’s bit already No bait..yes,fish on This is too funny Really? Wait..must be a tiny one again Oh it’s out This is amazing Got a bigger one It’s so fun if it’s this kind of size I wish this size comes all the time Maybe maximum size in here There is some bigger than this in other spots I’m gonna release this fish We’ve done it I’m glad to catch the biggest one in here This was the kick off my fishing Why don’t you enjoy many type of fishing? Thank you for watching

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